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Our Plan for Staying Healthy for Back to School

Summer is winding down and our family has been busy shopping and organizing to get ready to head back to school. While both the girls and myself are excited about school starting again, there is one part that seems to come along with fall school — illnesses. I’m guessing many of you might have experienced those sniffles and belly bugs that seem to come home with your kids shortly after school goes back into session; I know I have! And is it any surprise when you watch how our kids use communal supplies in their classrooms and eat together at lunch?

Recently I partnered up with PURELL as part of their 30-Day Challenge, and I’m putting a plan into action to help stop the spread of illness-causing germs in our home. A recent survey referenced on the GOJO blog, the makers of PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer, found that,

“the use of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer had a significant impact on reducing the movement and exposure of germs to the members of a household. While it is widely known that an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, like PURELL®Advanced Hand Sanitizer, is proven to kill 99.99% of germs on hands, this new study, recently published in the Journal of Food and Environmental Virology, found alcohol-based hand sanitizers also reduce the transfer of germs between people’s hands and to commonly touched surfaces within a household by up to 99%.”

I’m ready to stop the transfer of germs so our family is committing together, with a Shake On It pledge, to use PURELL 3 times per day for 30 days. Are you ready to take the challenge for your family?

To help make sure we’re being faithful to our 30-Day Challenge pledge I’ve placed some PURELL products in special locations to encourage our use 3 times a day. Here’s where we’re going to be stopping the spread of illness-causing germs:



Both girls will have regular access to their backpacks this year during school and on the bus, so that’s the first spot I thought of for getting them to use PURELL products as part of their daily habit. The PURELL Jelly Wrap Carriers attach easily to their backpacks and come in a variety of colors and scents, which allows my girls to pick their favorite!


Snack Pantry

Once the girls get home from school one of the first things they go for is the snack pantry. The idea of them digging into bags of chips and crackers with dirty hands, not to mention then eating with those hands, had me realizing that this is the perfect spot for a PURELL Gel Pump Bottle. Easy for them to see when they open the door, and the pump makes it quick so they can get to their snacking!


In the Car

Those yucky illness-causing germs aren’t just at school. Whenever we head to a store I’m reminded of the germs that lurk on the shopping cart handles and doors. Storing some PURELL Hand Sanitizing Wipes in the car means after our shopping trip we can each grab a wipe and stop those germs from spreading.

That’s a look at our family’s plan at stopping illness-causing germs and staying healthy once the girls head back to school. I’ll be checking in again after the 30 days to let you know how we’ve done. Are you ready to take the 30-Day Challenge for your family?

This post was sponsored by GOJO Industries, the makers of PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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