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Creating a Homework Station for Back to School

Give your kids a special spot for completing homework this school year. This post has been written in partnership with Fiskars.

For our family back to school is just around the corner, and I’m starting to get our home reordered after a fun-filled summer. I know that our school has sent home newsletters and back to school supply lists talking about how important it is to prepare our kids for the school year with great new school supplies. They also have mentioned how important it is for kids to have a regular place to do their homework.


Both of my girls enjoy doing their homework at the kitchen table, but I’m not always happy about the school supplies that get left around the table. This year I’m going to be ready for dining table homework sessions by creating a homework station stocked with supplies the girls will need.


The great feature of this homework station is that it’s portable! My girls can grab the bin to go work in the backyard or their bedrooms if they want. Plus, after they finish their homework the station can be tucked in a bookcase or cabinet to clear off the table for dinner.


Here’s a look at how to create your own homework station for back to school, and what supplies you should stock your station with!

Portable basket, tray, or bin
– Allows the supplies to be moved around easily.

Magazine holders
– These work well for holding scratch paper and folders for homework.

Supply organizer
– Choose one with separate sections for all the small miscellaneous supplies.

Fiskars Kids Scissors
– This year, our school included Fiskars Kids Scissors on the back to school supply list. Fiskars Kids Scissors are available in a variety of fun new designer handles for 2015 and are a must-have for back to school. Fiskars Kids Scissors come in various sizes which makes it easy for families to find a perfect pair of scissors for kids of all ages. It’s no wonder that Fiskars is the #1 teacher recommended brand for scissors!

Tape and/or Glue
– If your child will have glue projects, stock some in the station.

Pencils and Pens
– My girls especially love having mechanical pencils at their homework station since they’re not always allowed in class.

– This was a necessary supply for homework in previous years.

Filler Paper
– Most kids will need some scratch paper for working out problems, or paper for vocabulary work during the year.

Snacks or Treats
– While certainly not necessary, you might choose to occasionally stick a special treat in their homework station to surprise your hard-working kids, or have a snack ready for homework time.

Now you’re ready to create your own homework station for back to school! Are there any supplies that you think are a must have for homework?

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Create a back to school homework station for kids to use each day - plus this one is portable and easy to put away when the work is done!

Build a Homework Station for Back to School

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