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Nature Scavenger Hunt Outdoor Kids Activity

Here’s a fun activity for kids that will get them outdoors and in touch with nature. Print off this nature scavenger hunt and send the kids off to explore!

This outdoor scavenger hunt will have kids looking high and low for popular items found in nature. I’ve created an image-only version and one with words.

nature scavenger hunt for kids outdoors
This nature scavenger hunt is a fun activity for kids outdoors!

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25 things to find on this nature scavenger hunt:

  • fern
  • nest
  • berries
  • moss
  • mushroom
  • leaf
  • squirrel
  • tree
  • tracks
  • bird
  • stone
  • butterfly
  • bug
  • worm
  • cloud
  • flower
  • pinecone
  • puddle
  • clover
  • grass
  • fern
  • snail
  • thorn
  • spiderweb
  • feather

This scavenger hunt is great for keeping kids busy when they’re stuck at home, or can work great as a hiking scavenger hunt or camping scavenger hunt. Maybe it’s time to plan a KOA camping trip! Anytime you’re wanting to entertain kids outdoors, this scavenger hunt will help.

Five Extra Options for Older Kids / Teens

Photo Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

While this nature scavenger hunt is tailored towards younger kids, older kids and teens can use it as well. Perhaps you’ll make it a photo scavenger hunt for them and they have to take photos of each of the items.

They could also create a video about their adventure, highlighting what they’re seeing and learning about nature.

Nature Scavenger Hunt Research Project

You could also have older kids snap a photo of the item and then research exactly what they found. Perhaps they could make a slideshow presentation showing their photos and facts they learned about nature.

Bingo Nature Hunt

You could also treat this printable as a bingo board and encourage kids to find the items that would create a bingo (row, column, diagonal). I also have this great kids activity bingo that’ll keep kids busy at home.

Collection Box

Older kids could have to collect each of the items (when possible). Of course, they can’t collect animals, but they could collect a piece of the plant or tree where they spotted the animal. Photos would also work well for items that can’t be collected.

Add Difficulty

Make things a bit more difficult by specifying a unique type of item to be found. Instead of just a leaf, perhaps you want them to find a five-pointed leaf. Or instead of just a stone/rock, perhaps have them find a heart-shaped rock.

Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable

I created this scavenger hunt to fit half a page. My thought is that this size will be easier for kids to carry around outdoors. You could also get one of these half sheet clipboards for your kids to clip on the nature scavenger hunt.


If you don’t want the word labels on the pictures, here’s a blank image version.

I hope this activity helps keep your kids entertained outside. Happy adventuring!

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