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Road Trip Snacks for Family Travel Vacations

As I mentioned in my recent post about how to pack your car for a road trip, food is a big part of any successful road trip. I have some favorite road trip snacks that I try to always pack, so I wanted to share them with you. Trust me, having good and plentiful snacks will go a long way towards keeping your kiddos (and trip) happy. These snacks actually work well for other types of family travel, not just road trips.

16 Road Trip Snack Ideas - pack these for your next roadtrip vacation |

Road Trip Snacks for Your Next Family Vacation

Dry Cereal: If you’re cereal eaters, just opening your pantry can give you a multitude of options. Multi Grain Cheerios are one of our favorites because they have just a touch of sweetness. They’re nut-free too! We also love Lucky Charms and Life.

Fruit: My favorites are the mini apples you can buy in a bag (love the Trader Joes ones) and the little mandarin oranges. Just remember if you’re driving across the border (Canada at least) you might not be able to bring across produce.

Veggies: Pack some baby carrots and sugar snap peapods for great snacks that are healthy and fairly mess-free.

Fruit Leathers: We get these normally at Trader Joes, but Costco has this Stretch Island Fruit Leather pack. We call them fruit leather, but others might call them fruit strips??

Crackers/Pretzels: Put some cheez-its, triscuits, wheat thins, or pretzels in single serve containers or baggies. You could keep the whole box in the back of the car and refill each kid’s stash at different stops. Just know they’re salty, so your kids might get thirsty.

Pirate’s Booty: This stuff is so good and SO addictive! They have different flavors but our favorite is the Pirate’s Booty Aged White Cheddar.

Popcorn: You can pop some in advance, or buy the prepackaged ones (like this Angie’s Kettle Corn Sweet and Salty).

Fruit Snacks: the single serve packages are easy to grab and pack. They also come in a lot of fun themes and shapes which make them fun for your kids.

Granola Bars: I normally limit these, so they’re special treats.

Pringles: No clue why, but any mention of roadtrip snacks must include a couple of tubes of Pringles.

Animal Crackers: Can’t say much about these, they’re a nice “cookie” and don’t make a huge mess. Of course, homemade cookies would be really great too!

Applesauce: We love the GoGo Squeez Applesauce because it’s easy to eat in the car and there are a lot of fun flavors.

Candy: We have very limited candy eating at home, so it’s a special roadtrip snack for us. Twizzlers and M&Ms are favorites.

Sunflower Seeds: We have a kiddo with a nut allergy, so sunflower seeds are a great “nut-like” road trip snack.

Beef Jerky: My husband actually loves this stuff, and the rest of us enjoy a piece or two. Seems to feel a little more “filling” than some of the other stuff. We also love to get the small pepperoni sticks from the grocery store, which seem a bit tastier than beef jerky (to me at least!).

Water Flavor: Each girl has their own reusable drink bottle with a straw so we can control the water intake, and we can add some of the flavor mix to the water. Another treat, and keeps the cost of gas station beverages down. And, lots of these snacks are salty, so you need to be prepared with water…just not too much water (unless you want to stop every thirty minutes). Our favorite is the Mio Lemonade Water Enhancer.

Did I miss any? Do you have a favorite road trip snack? Please share your own ideas! And if you’re looking for more snack ideas, check out this list of airplane snacks for kids.

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    • Kimberly says

      Thank you Gracia! We love taking road trips as a family, and the snack foods are a fun little part of our travels.

  1. Mamapotamus says

    Our little one used to have trouble cracking his sunflower seeds by himself so we got him a bag of them already shelled. He felt so proud when he told Grandma, “Mom got me some of my own seeds!” and pulled the bag out of his backpack!

    • Kimberly says

      We LOVE to buy the unshelled ones at Trader Joes! We have two bags in our cupboard right this minute! Great for little hands.

  2. Rachel G says

    We don’t have kids, but we still get plenty hungry on long road trips! Mandarin oranges are great car food, and I usually splurge on a couple treats I wouldn’t buy otherwise!

    • Kimberly says

      Absolutely Rachel! We always figure that road trips are a good time to splurge on our food and screen time. Although the fruits and veggies certainly help keep attitudes in check. :)

  3. Vegan Mother Hubbard says

    For road trips with our 3 year old twins, we like to pack each kiddo a dish with dried fruits like mango, papaya, apricots, cranberries, and raisins. We also like dry cereal, cashews, homemade cookies, fresh orange segments, grapes, and animal crackers. The kiddos usually drink juice. Sometimes we splurge on no sugar added juice boxes, but we limit them, since a tiny squeeze can make EVERYTHING sticky.

    On the rare occasions that my husband and I get to take a trip by ourselves, we aren’t nearly as healthy with our choices–Oreos, Pringles, and Coke or Starbucks. We live it up, since solo time happens maybe once a year.

    • Kimberly says

      Fun! I love packing healthy foods, but since we don’t take road trips too often, it’s fun to splurge on some junk calories too! :) I always seem to end up with a package of those chocolate covered mini donuts on road trips. They’re like the fake-est food out there, but for some reason I end up buying them on a road trip. :)

  4. Charlotte says

    I’m actually leaving on Wednesday for a trip to Nashville and was hoping to bring some snacks too for the flight. Since I’m on the hunt for some healthy options, your blog post is incredibly timely :) I love sugar snap peas… I assume I can find those at Trade Joe’s (I am in love with that store, too). I haven’t tried the fruit leathers, but may have to :) Thanks for the great tips!! Stopping in from SITS Sharefest today and hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

    • Kimberly says

      Thanks for stopping by Charlotte! I hope you’re having safe travels! You can get sugar snap peas at Trader Joes and any grocery store really. Sometimes it’s tricky to find them. They’re often where the prepackaged broccoli and cauliflower are. They have snow peas too, and those are yummy as well.

  5. Tiffany says

    What a great list! Some I’ve always carried but I never thought of Veggie or even SUnflower Seeds! I will definietly be using this list for our upcoming Disney Road Trip…Thanks for sharing :D

    • Kimberly says

      Great Tiffany! Glad you have some new ideas. Hope you have a great trip to Disney! We’re heading there in May!

  6. Emma T says

    Road trips always need snacks to keep the kids entertained. Mine does nothing but want food all the time. Some of these are new to me, but a great list

  7. Nicole Stanley says

    Great snacks ideas!!I had bought container that has multiple compartments in it, these are best to carry variety of things together. I can say a little planning, have a little variety can make our car ride much more comfortable for our kids.

  8. Dana says

    My husband and I (and our dog!) are on a 2 month, 17 state road trip right now– snacks are our life! We had many of the same ones you mentioned (funny enough- I packed Pringles too- and my husband asked why – I said “because we’re on a road trip!).
    Other of our favorites: (and oddly enough- most of the unhealthy stuff)
    -Single serve Jif peanut butter cups- perfect for dipping apples or celery in (but it wouldn’t work with your nut allergy)
    -Goldfish (I put them into an empty coffee creamer container to keep them fresh)
    -A pack of cookies– after stopping for lunch/dinner we always needed something sweet
    -Trader Joes chocolate covered almonds and chocolate covered coffee beans
    -Cheese and crackers – I pre-cut cheese (we had a cooler) and pre-sliced pepperoni with some crackers
    -Target’s Monster Trail Mix

    • Kimberly says

      Crumbly snacks can really ruin a road trip! We travel with a mini vac sometimes so we can clean out seats and floors that get crumbs. Thanks for the ideas & for pinning!

  9. Tree says

    Great list!!! I also include the little jello or pudding cups for when we stop at a rest stop, it gives them something to look forward to and they won’t mess up the car!


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