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How We’re Powering Imagination with Technology Playtime

This post was sponsored by Duracell as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.

While I encourage my kids to get outdoors to have fun, we also love including technology in our playtime. We’re living in a digital world, and I know my girls will grow up with technology as a major part of their lives.

I love finding new ways to power their imagination with technology. Recently we were able to test two WowWee robotic toys, created to help kids power their imagination. Just in time for the holidays, these toys would be great gifts for your tech loving kiddos. Duracell, WowWee, and Toys”R”Us, are all teaming up to help power kids’ imaginations with technology.


Remember the days of The Jetsons? I remember thinking that Rosie would be real by the time I was a grown-up. How disappointing that I still have to do my own laundry and cooking! But we’re getting closer, I just know it.

COJI is one of the robotic WowWee toys that we spent some playtime with. He’s a cute little robot that helps teach the early skills of coding. Helping kids understand how they can code actions, using emojis, to get the robot to react. It’s very simple, but a fun way to have kids think with a coding mind.


Mia loved playing with COJI and seeing how he reacted to different emojis she sent from her phone app. Even after playing with him for over a week, she was still discovering new ways to play with him. It’s this imaginative play that I love to encourage.


She’s discovered that he reacts to the emojis she sends, each differently. She’s figured out how to program a key of commands he can execute with the push of a button. He’s also played back by offering her a memory game. Lastly she has fun driving him around the house with the joystick portion of the app. Her favorite part is watching the emojis get displayed on his screen face.

Another toy we’re testing is CHiP, the friendly robot dog. He’s designed with many smart sensors all over his body so he can interact with you as you engage with him. He also comes with a smart ball that he’ll play with, and my girls’ personal favorite activity, a follow me wrist strap.

One of my favorite parts about using these new toys was watching my girls learn how to play with them. While we relied on the manuals to get up and running, it was their imaginations and hands-on testing that helped them learn how the toys worked.


Our new technology imagination toys need power, and ours are powered by Duracell. Duracell is a trusted name brand that our family has been using forever to power our toys. As a parent, don’t forget to pick up your Duracell batteries when you’re buying technology gifts. The battery requirements are often noted on the toy packaging, making it easy to pick out the right size and number.

Don’t forget that Toys”R”Us is partnering with WowWee and Duracell, so you can buy your new robotic toys and the batteries needed to power them at your local store or online!

Your young kids can have fun and the basics to learn to code with the fun COJI robotic coding toy.

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