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Top 10 Camping Apps for Your Next Adventure

Successful campers understand the importance of planning. And in this digital time, there’s no better way to plan than to use some helpful camping apps.

It all starts with what you want to experience. With all the different places you can visit, how do you pick one? What makes the location more unique than the others. Once you’ve picked your spot, how will you travel there? What kind of weather do you need to be prepared for when you go camping there?

These are some of the questions campers ask themselves and everything seems to be overwhelming. Do not worry because you can use mobile apps to plan out your whole journey and even schedule the activities you will engage in.

Here are some of the best camping apps you should download before you hit the road for your next camping adventure.

couple on phone camping in tent
Camping Apps

And you’ll be excited to know that this list is all free camping apps — some do have premium versions available.

Apps to Help You Choose a Campground

There are hundreds of apps that help campers search camping grounds. You can never go wrong with Campendium and apps when you are still trying to choose where to go camping. Many love the ease of camping at KOA Campgrounds.

This app lets you find thousands of campsites scattered across the US, compare campgrounds, see availability, and book a campsite from the comfort of your home. The user reviews you will find here are genuinely giving you an actual overview of the campgrounds you were targeting.

Where to download: The app is available both Android and Apple Store.

Cost: Free


The Campendium App also contains thousands of peer-reviewed campgrounds across the US. The good thing about this app is that it has been created by developers who are also camping enthusiasts. They understand what you are looking for and make the interaction as effortless as possible.

The large database of members ready and willing to answer all your camping queries makes this app a valuable one to have when deciding where to go camp.

Where to download: The app is available on Apple Store and online for Android users.

Cost: Free

campendium camping app screenshots
Campendium Camping App

Budgeting Apps

You need to have a budget for the camping expedition. A budget allows you to stay on track and spend money on only what you need to while camping. It is easy to buy impulse if you do not have a budget in place. To save you the trouble of having to keep track of everything, download a budgeting application.

Trail Wallet

Trail Wallet is a perfect budgeting companion when going camping. It keeps track of all your expenses and even helps you find places you can get deals and discounts when you shop. Before you leave the house, the app can calculate the estimated cost of your journey based on mileage and other factors.

Where to download: The app is available on Apple Store.

Cost: Free

Gas Buddy

The Gas Buddy App works for daily life, road trips, and camping. It helps you save on gas by listing the nearest gas stations along your route and comparing their prices. They give you coupons and redeemable points whenever you fuel at a gas station they recommend.

Where to download: The app is available both Android and Apple Store.

Cost: Free

Packing List App

There’s so much to pack when you are going camping. It’s easy to forget some essential supplies, whether you’re an experienced camper or not. Most people use a checklist to take care of the packing problem.


PackKing takes care of this quite effectively. It generates custom and personalized packing lists depending on where you want to go, what you want to do, and other personal preferences. 

Where to download: The app is available both Android and Apple Store.

Cost: Both Free and Premium options

packking app screenshots
PackKing is a great camping app!

If you’d like a more traditional list, here’s a great printable RV packing list.

Weather and Safety Apps

After you choose your campground, you need to know about the weather forecast so that you can know what to bring with you on the camping trip. This is where a weather forecast app comes in handy.


One of the best weather forecast application you can download when you want to head to the outdoors. You get live weather forecasts daily and warnings if there are extreme changes in weather. Avoid storms, strong winds, and avalanches in your planned route by taking advantage of the information provided by this application.

Where to download: The app is available both Android and Apple Store.

Cost: Free

Navigation Apps

Everything is set now and you want to hit the road. You need a navigation application to guide you to your destination. Many navigations apps (such as ones discussed here) offer much more than just a GPS guide to your camping destination.


Waze keeps you informed on what is happening on the road you are traveling in on a real-time basis. You get updates on construction happening on the road, traffic density, police, accidents, and many more. The app also shows the speed limit of the road you are traveling on and your current speed. This can help you avoid speeding tickets while driving.

Where to download: The app is available both Android and Apple Store.

Cost: Free

CoPilot GPS Navigation

This is an app that is popular with RV campers. You can input your vehicle size and it will route you based on what works best for your vehicle. A unique feature of this app is that it still offers navigation capacities even when you go offline by using their integrated offline maps.

Where to download: The app is available both Android and Apple Store.

Cost: Free and Premium Add-Ons

Survival Guide Apps

A lot can happen when you are camping in the outdoors. Accidents may be rare but they do occur now and then. What would happen if you found yourself in a situation where you require the assistance of medical personnel and none is to be found anywhere close?

Everyone should learn some basic first aid skills. If you are camping in a secluded place, how would you react to an emergency?

First Aid

This app contains a comprehensive collection of first aid approaches to most emergencies and accidents known to man. Besides that, you get access to a library of tips you can use in the event of an emergency. Don’t forget to pack a first aid kit for your camping trip!

The application also contains an updated list of emergency telephone contacts listed chronologically by state. You will feel more prepared if you download this app for camping.

Where to download: The app is available both Android and Apple Store.

Cost: Free

first aid app screenshots
A First Aid App can be important on a camping trip.

SAS Survival

Read content that will help you survive in the wild and take quizzes to test your knowledge. You’ll learn about essential survival skills, how to improvise and survive, how to deal with extreme weather and have access to life-saving tools.

Where to download: The app is available both Android and Apple Store.

Cost: Free (Upgrades available)

Activity Apps

Here’s a couple of bonus apps beyond my list of 10. These apps will help you stay entertained while out in nature.

SkyView Lite

Camping can be one of the best ways to see the night sky. You’re typically away from large city lights and the sky will be filled with stars at night. Use a stargazing app, like SkyView Lite, to identify bright spots and constellations while enjoying the great outdoors.

Where to download: The app is available both Android and Apple Store.

Cost: Free for Lite (Premium available)

screenshots of skyview app for camping
Learn about the night sky while camping with the SkyView app.


Hiking is one of the popular activities that people do while camping. The AllTrails app is a great way to find nearby hiking trails. You can even search for trails that have unique features, like waterfalls. I love this app because it tells you about parking, the distance, and trail conditions.

Where to download: The app is available both Android and Apple Store.

Cost: Free (Upgrades available)

With these camping apps loaded on your phone, you’re ready for your outdoor adventure!

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Michael from PackKing

Sunday 2nd of August 2020

Hi Kim, thanks a lot for featuring my app PackKing. I am super happy that a packing list expert like you enjoys using it! If you or anyone else who reads this has any idea of improvement, please don't hesitate to get in touch! Many happy trips! Michael from PackKing App

Heather K

Thursday 9th of July 2020

These look great. Thank you. I hope to be doing some camping with my daughter once CV is under control again.


Friday 10th of July 2020

I have a feeling I'll be doing a lot of traveling once everything is safe and back to normal again!