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My Favorite Canada Food – Happy Canada Day

My Favorite (Favourite) Canada Food Snacks Canada Day #Shreddies #ocanadaHave you ever taken a vacation and fallen in love with a special food or snack that is unique to your destination? We often travel to Canada and I’ve found some Canada food snacks and treats that we have to buy! Part of this is because my husband grew up in Canada, so he has some favorites of childhood. In honor of July 1st, Canada Day, I’ve decided to complile some of my favorite Canada food buys.


Shreddies Cereal favorite Canada food for Canada DaySHREDDIES: My husband has loved Shreddies since he was a kid. Now our own two girls love it. If only I could find the special edition Diamond Shreddies again… :)

JUST RIGHT: Kind of a mini corn flake and oats blend. Yum!

VECTOR: Flake & granola bit goodness.


Pepsi Lime Canada Food for Canada DayPEPSI LIME: Wow, this stuff is good! I think it used to be in the States too, but no longer.

RASPBERRY GINGER ALE: Why is this not stocked on our own shelves right next to the plain ginger ale? Once you’ve tasted it, regular ginger ale is kind of a let-down.



Ketchup & Dill Potato Chips Canada Food for Canada DayKETCHUP: Canadians like to show a lot of love to the ketchup condiment, and Ketchup flavored potato chips are a staple there. My husband LOVES these chips. He also eats ketchup on his mac n’cheese (called Kraft Dinner in Canada). Really expensive ketchups..Barenaked Ladies anyone??

DILL: These are the chips of choice for me (as seen in my own pic above). I actually love lots of the Old Dutch potato chip flavors!



Coffee Crisp Candy Bar Canada Food for Canada DayCOFFEE CRISP: Such a yummy candy bar. Kind of like a jumbo Kit Kat with coffee & carmel flavors.

SMARTIES: These are the Canadian version of M&Ms. I personally prefer the classic M&Ms, but many others LOVE Smarties.

OTHER CANDY BARS: Lots of other unique candy bars like Mr. Big, EatMore, Aero Bar, Big Turk…too many to list.

These are some of our favourite Canada food snacks & treats. Are there any special foods you love to stock up on when you travel? Please share your favorite travel food and/or if you have a favourite Canada food. Happy Canada Day!

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    • It’s fun to find unique foods during any trip we take! Maybe there will be a box of Shreddies or a can of Pepsi Lime in your near future… :)

  1. I think Canada, and I think maple. I was in awe when we were in Victoria a month ago and so many shops had full rooms of maple goods. I would have stockpiled syrup except I didn’t trust the airport to be gentle with our bags.

    • Ah, Beth. I probably should have listed that. However, we have been able to find some yummy Canadian maple syrup in the States. We are known to buy Canadian maple syrup for our housesitters or friends when we return from trips up north.

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