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Easter Basket Ideas for Teens and Tweens

When the girls were little, filling their Easter baskets seemed so simple. Throw in a bunch of their favorite Disney character, along with some learning toys, and I was good to go. As they’ve gotten older things have become a bit more tricky, and a bit pricier. But it’s still fun to surprise them with some goodies to celebrate the Easter season, and here are some Easter basket ideas for teens and tweens in your life. Note, as the mom of two girls, this will probably have a heavy girl focus.

Bobble Infuse Water Bottle

My oldest is on a kick of wanting to make healthy choices and I’ve been encouraging her to drink more water. She mentioned that she’d enjoy water more if it was flavored, so the Bobble Infuse is perfect since she can add some fruit to the water bottle and then sip through the filter.

Candy Crush Scented Phone Case

Mix scented something with technology, and you’re sure to have a hit with the tween crowd. Teens might also still be addicted to the Candy Crush game app so that’s another bonus.

Indoor Hoops

Let’s be honest, my tween will do anything but clean her room when asked. She loves playing hoops at our neighborhood basketball court so this Nerf Sports Dude Perfect PerfectShot Hoops pairs that with her YouTube channel love of the Dude Perfect dudes, making it the perfect way for her to delay room cleaning even more.


The classic shoe still has its fans.

Name Brand Athletic Wear

According to my two girls, anything Nike, Adidas, or Under Armor are popular with kids in their schools, it’s not just for athletes.

Travel Mini Games

This one surprised me, but my oldest says these are fun to play and take around to friends’ houses or on trips.

Boogie Board

Both of my girls got one of these for Christmas and they’re a big hit. They love doodling and then wiping it all away with the push of a button.


Bucky Balls/Cubes

Had no clue what these were until recently when my oldest said she wanted some. Definitely not the toy for house with young children, and I’m thinking there will be strict rules about their use and storage to protect our sweet pup too.


While my tween isn’t allowed to wear makeup outside of the house yet, she still loves applying it at home. She’s really into eyeshadows, so those multipack sets are great ideas for you tween or teen.

Makeup remover wipes

Along with the makeup comes with the cleanup. I’m encouraging my oldest to take care of her skin, and she likes using the makeup removing wipes when playing and trying different looks. Great easter basket stuffer too!

Body Products

My tween is really into having a “personal scent”, whatever that means. She wants her shampoo, conditioner, soap, and lotions all to match. She’s even wanting candles. So, there’s an option if you have a body products fan. Boys also might enjoy a set of deodorant, soap, and body spray.

Wireless Speaker

If your teen or tween loves listening to music in their room, a wireless speaker is a great gift. They can connect it to their phone/ipod and listen away. You can even get a portable one that they can travel with and use outdoors.

MP3 Wireless Headphones

If you don’t want to hear your teen or tween’s music, consider a pair of MP3 wireless headphones that work with bluetooth, or you can insert a microSD card and play MP3’s from that.

Colored Pens

Something fun and unique like gel pens or smelling pens are a sure hit.


Evidently gum is a hot commodity at school, when you pull out a pack at recess you suddenly have a multitude of friends wanting you to share. And we all teach our kids to share, right?!

Mini Cereal

These might be popular just with my girls, but individual sugary cereals are a real treat for them and perfect add-ons for an Easter basket.

So helpful - here's a list of Easter basket ideas for teens and tweens! Great gift ideas

Did I miss something? Share your own favorite Easter basket ideas for teens and tweens in the comments below. Happy Easter!

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