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Around the World Wine & Dinner Party Ideas

Cork Labels

For my final part of my Around the World dinner party ideas, let’s look at a fun way to label your dishes. Use corks! Very carefully, use a knife to slice a slit into the edge of the cork. You want to use a large enough knife so you can create a straight slice through the full length of the cork. Next you want to print off your dishes names on cardstock paper, cut, and slide them into the cork. The corks will roll, so I suggest some strong glue dots to hold them in place.

Use corks to make your dinner dish labels

Use corks to make your dinner dish labels

Now you’re ready to reconnect with friends and host an amazing Around the World wine & dinner party. Don’t forget to check out The Seeker Wines for inspiration when planning your dishes and wine assignments!

Great dinner party ideas for hosting an around the world wine pairing party. Don't just have friends over -- sip around the world with them!

Host and Around the World Dinner Party

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