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I’m Heading Out on an EPIC California Road Trip

I’m packing my bags and getting ready for perhaps one of my most epic trips to date. On Thursday I’ll head out for a 19 day California road trip. Myself and three other travel writers / photographers will be adventuring around the state and discovering the off the beaten paths areas of California. I’m partnering with Visit California and the Adventure Travel Trade Association to make this trip possible.

Our Mission

The four of us will be traveling around the ENTIRE state of California to photograph and experience the rural regions of California. I already know that I love the popular tourism spots in Southern California, so I can’t wait to discover even more. We’re heading out to see all the amazing beauty and adventure this state has to offer. From redwoods to volcanos and farming to hiking, we’re going to explore it all.

Our California Road Trip

The organizers of our trip have put together this great attractions map so you can take a peek at all the amazing adventures we’re going to be experiencing. Check out below to see if your favorite California attraction is on this list. Or perhaps you’re planning a trip and want to see some highlights of what to do in certain areas.

California Regions We’re Exploring

  1. Shasta Cascade

    Rugged and natural, this region has a legacy of gold mining and is home to Lassen Volcanic National Park and Lassen Beds National Monument, which has 500 lava caves.

  2. North Coast

    California’s rugged north coast features deserted beaches and Redwood National Park. The Lost Coast is the largest stretch of undeveloped coast in California and quaint Mendocino is a good place to see whales November through March.

  3. Central Valley

    With a slogan of “get a taste”, travelers to the Central Valley connect with the heart of California’s farming community where vegetables, fruit and cheese are as fresh as they come, and small town hospitality is still alive.

  4. Gold Country

    California’s history began with the Gold Rush and it is still a reason that people come to visit today, since visitors can still get a taste of California’s gold rush history. The region is also rich with the natural beauty of tall oak trees and fast rivers, ideal for whitewater rafters or paddleboarders.

  5. High Sierras

    Home of Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe, Kings Canyon National Park and Sequoia National Park (sequoias are the tallest living trees on earth). Numerous national parks lend themselves to amazing and ample biking, hiking, rock climbing and water-sport activities, for any experience level, the novice to expert.

  6. Deserts

    California’s desert once was home to Native Americans thousands of years ago, some of which left their stories in the form of petroglyphs, which provide a window to their culture and life so long ago.

  7. Central Coast

    The 350 mile drive between San Francisco and Los Angeles along Highway 1 is the quintessential American road trip. Along the way you’ll see national and state parks, missions, wineries and breweries, throughout Central Coast’s key destinations of Monterey Bay, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura.

  8. Inland Empire

    In the late 19th century the inland empire was built upon the success of the naval orange. Today, adventurers can pack a full weekend’s activities with the diversity of this region including mountains, deserts, lakes, nationally acclaimed resorts, destinations, history, culture and unique attractions.

California regions we’re exploring on our road trip adventure

How You Can Follow Along

Of course I’d love to have to check out some of what I’m up to while I’m on the trip. We’ll all be sharing posts on instagram, facebook, and twitter with the hashtag #CaliforniaWild. Be sure to check in and see the new images and info we’ve collected each day. Later I’ll be posting some articles all about my trip and the areas we explored.

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