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Throwback Thursday Travel: Disneyland Cruella de Vil

Throwback Thursday Travel Meeting Cruella de Vil at Disneyland Halloween Character StuffedSuitcase.comWe’re really into October now! I sent the girls off to school today with cute pumpkin lunches (I’ll show them next Wednesday!), and I wanted to feature a fun Throwback Thursday Travel photo that was seasonal. I mentioned in my post 20 things about Disneyland Halloween Time that we really enjoyed our trip to Disneyland during the Halloween season. A fun memory for us was when we met Cruella de Vil near Main Street. The actor was great and made the girls and my husband smile. I’m going to post the video of my girls meeting Cruella de Vil at Disneyland on my YouTube channel. I hope you check it out!

Techie Day Throwback Thursday Travel Edition StuffedSuitcase.comLast week I posted a photo to represent Techie Day! This photo was taken at the Legoland Discovery Center in Kansas City. There was a huge tub/bin/pool!? of legos that the kids could play with. In addition to the legos, there were great rides, activities, and displays involving legos. I highly recommend a visit if you’re ever in KC!

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