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Want to Take Better Photos on Your Family Vacation?

Have you ever been scrolling on Facebook or a travel blog and thought to yourself, I want to take photos like that? Even as a photographer myself I still find myself seeing others photos and wanting to know how to get my photos to be even better.

This post has been written as an ad partnership with Best Buy.

I just found out about two new offerings from Best Buy that can help new photographers and those of us still learning. The two new offerings are free in-store photography workshops and half-day photography workshop tours. Depending on your skill level, one of these workshops can help you learn more so you can be proud to share photos of your next family vacation!

I’m the most interested in attending one of their excursion workshop tours, especially because one of them is in my hometown of Seattle. The tours are happening tomorrow, July 28th, in Seattle, San Diego, Houston, Atlanta, Tampa, New York City and Minneapolis. They have additional tours coming on October 20th and in January 19th, 2019.

photography workshop tours

New Best Buy Photography Workshop Tours.
photo credit: Best Buy

Photography Workshop Tours – For Intermediate Photographers

The Best Buy Photography Workshop Tours are perfect for intermediate photographers like myself who are wanting to learn more and ask experts some specific questions to make our photos even better. These are half-day excursions where you get the chance to work with pro photographers & camera experts on four individual photo shoots.

I also love that attendees will get to test and try a variety of lenses and accessories. I’ve personally seen how learning about lenses and using different lenses can change my photography and take it to another level. Getting to try new lenses hands-on seems like a great way to see what lens matches up to my eye and what I want to capture the most with my photography.

The workshop tours cost $50, but do include lunch and a bag of camera goodies. I’ve looked at a lot of photography workshop options since becoming passionate about photography and $50 is a total deal for getting to work with pros for half a day!

Four unique photo shoots for learning new skills.
photo credit: Best Buy

Free In-Store Workshops for Photography Beginners

If you’re just getting started with photography and not ready for the tours, the other new workshop would be great for you. The free Best Buy in-store photography workshops have been created for beginners. They’re only two hours long, and cover the basics of getting started in photography. You’ll get one-on-one interaction with Best Buy’s Camera Experience Shop Experts to walk through your camera’s settings.

The free in-story workshop is the perfect way to learn how to get your camera off auto and start understanding how to achieve those beautiful travel photos. Once you’ve completed the in-store workshop, you’ll be ready to take the next step into the upcoming Photography Workshop Tours on 10/20 and 1/19. You can sign-up to be notified when these go live for registration in the fall/winter.

I know when I was searching for my own next camera I visited my local Best Buy to get a hands-on experience with the models I was considering. The Best Buy Camera Experience Shop is like visiting a specialty camera store, right in the middle of your local Best Buy. There’s an expanded assortment of cameras, lenses & accessories that you won’t find in other locations. They also have Camera Experience Shop Experts who have gone through intensive photography training and are all photo enthusiasts themselves. I met one of these great experts at a recent blog conference and she REALLY knew her stuff!

So if you’re ready to get into photography and get better vacation photos, check out these new workshops from Best Buy. I can’t wait to sign up for the October workshop tour in Seattle!

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