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3 Simple Steps to Becoming an Adventurer

Ten years ago if you would have asked me if I was an adventurer I would have said no. While I grew up playing outside and riding my bike, my adult life moved indoors quite a bit. But now that I’m a mom, I want to inspire my girls to get outdoors. I want them to feel like and identify as little adventurers.

This post is going to give you three simple steps to become an adventurer. And let me be honest, you really only need the first one…
This post was written in partnership with prAna, I received complimentary clothing.

Go Somewhere

Get out and explore to become an adventurer!

To call yourself an adventurer you just need to go do something, anything adventurous, preferably outdoors. The trick is to realize that this could be anything. For me it took signing up for my first half marathon. That forced me to start running, and I started to feel adventurous just being outdoors and working towards an athletic goal. This leads me to step number two…

Start Small

You don’t have to sign up to jump out of a plane to be an adventurer. Start small. One idea could be to book a vacation to a new spot you’ve been dreaming about. I’m a huge believer in travel experiences changing people, perhaps traveling is what brought adventure back into my life!

Another idea is to find a local hike. That’s been a fun way I’ve started bringing adventure into my girls’ lives. Living out in the Pacific Northwest means we’re surrounded by hikes, but I’ve seen that almost anywhere I’ve visited has a hike. Do a google search and look for a local hike that will help you discover a new area you’ve never seen.

Snap a Pic

Remembering my adventures with photos! Thank you prAna for sending me the outfit I’m wearing  – save 15% with the code MHMKT15 on your own prAna outfit.

My final step is to snap pictures while out on your adventure! As you capture your new adventures in photos, you’ll start to see all the awesome things you’re doing. Seeing what you’ve done will help inspire you to do more, see more. If you’re a parent too, having your kids see you being adventurous can inspire them as they grow up.

An added bonus step would be to dress for adventure. I remember when I first started running, wearing new running gear made me feel like a runner. Pick up a cute new outfit to wear on your adventures. On my current California adventure I packed along the prAna Daria Sweater Hoodie and Black Herringbone Mantra Pant I was gifted. I absolutely love wearing prAna on my travel adventures. If you’d like to buy a new adventure outfit use the code MHMKT15 to save 15% off your purchase!

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Lori Lavender Luz

Wednesday 13th of September 2017

These are excellent and very doable steps. Gorgeous setting you found for your adventure! Perhaps I need a little adventure in the Pacific Northwest. Hmmmmm...


Tuesday 26th of September 2017

It's amazing how simple it is to fall in love with exploring outdoors!