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Useful Travel App That Helps if You Get Sick on Vacation

Peak travel season is headed our way. I know we have four trips planned already for the upcoming months. Almost every mom I know has a story about their kid getting sick on vacation. We’ve had a few instances, one with lice, another with hand, foot, and mouth. Neither of these illnesses are fun to deal with at home, and they’re double the pain when you’re traveling. This post was written in partnership with Welloh.

If you’ve got a trip coming up, do you know where you’d go if one of your kids got sick while you were traveling? I just heard about a new app that is like a yelp for medical care. Imagine knowing the what other people think are the best pharmacies and walk-in clinics near you. This one app could save you some headaches and help you get treatment fast.

What would you do if your child got sick on vacation?

Welloh is a new app that helps you find medical care, like urgent care clinics, pharmacies, and hospitals near you, but also shows how those places are rated by users. As a mom, I’d love to know if I need to stop into an urgent care clinic which one has the best ratings. What do the reviews say about waiting times and the physicians at that location?

use welloh if you get sick on vacation to find the nearest and best rated clinics and hospitals

Welloh is a free app that will help you find the nearest and best rated medical care clinics and pharmacies near you. Which can be a huge help if you get sick on vacation.

You can also see the nearby pharmacies, great for if you need to get a prescription filled while traveling. I know our insurance data is already on file with a specific pharmacy, so if I use the Welloh app I can see the list of nearby pharmacies and have the prescription sent there since I already have my info on file.

A few tips for if you do find yourself or a loved one sick on vacation:

  • ADJUST YOUR SCHEDULE – Rest is often ordered when you’re sick, so make sure you head that advice and take some downtime to recover. Pushing your family to continue on your planned itinerary is just going to make the rest of the trip miserable.
  • GET TREATMENT – Don’t stick your head in the sand and hope things get better. Take the time to find a clinic or hospital so you or your child can be seen if their illness seems rough. Use the Welloh app to find the closest and best medical care.
  • PROVIDE COMFORT – Look to stock-up on some comfort and care items. Hopefully you have a travel first-aid kit, but if not head to a local pharmacy. Stock up on any care items that can alleviate symptoms and provide comfort.

It’s also a good idea to notify any family or upcoming destinations if you might be late. Let them know the situation and see if they can help you with your bookings or plans. Travel insurance comes in handy for these cases. You can recoup some costs if you have to cancel part of your vacation.

Download Welloh before your next trip. It’s available as a free download for both iOS and Android mobile devices, and can be found on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Travel tip for best app if you get sick on vacation - face it kids do get sick on family travel trips!

Travel tip for best app if you get sick on vacation – face it kids do get sick on family travel trips!

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