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Unforgettable Winter Activities to Enjoy near Zion National Park

I’ll admit, I’ve been wanting to go Utah to visit some of their amazing national parks. With a trip to Vegas in the books for January it got me wondering what sort of things there are to do around Zion National Park in the winter. Did you know St. George, Utah is only about 90 minutes away from Las Vegas? And Zion is only about another 45 minutes or so from St. George. This post is has been written in partnership with St. George, Utah.

What’s the Weather Like?

My first thought was figuring out what would the weather be like in the winter in St. George and Zion. It’s a moderate winter climate with averages in the 30s, 40s, and even some 50s. Checking the forecast right now says that it’s currently 56 degrees. That’s a lot warmer than my current 45 degrees here in Seattle.

But the big plus is the sunshine! I checked the monthly report for Zion on and there’s sun on every day. I’m sure that in Zion with all the canyons there’s a chance for snow conditions. While St. George only gets a bit of precipitation, it is during the winter when it falls.

Weather averages for St. George – winter weather looks pretty comfortable!

Overall I’m left thinking that St. George and Zion National Park would be great spots to take a winter vacation since the winter weather is not a problem, in many cases it’s a perk! Check out all these cool things to do in St. George and Zion in the winter.

Zion National Park

Of course the biggest draw for the area might be the fact that it’s where Zion National Park is located. One of the famed Big Five national parks that are inside of Utah. Zion is known for it’s gorgeous red sandstone cliffs. I admit that I’d love to do some hiking out there.

The cool winter temps might actually be a great time to visit Zion if you enjoy hiking. The temps are a bit cooler than what the averages are for St. George, but still appear to be in the 40s and 50s.

Weather averages for Zion National Park from

Of course there are some strenuous hikes for avid adventurers, Angel’s Landing being one of the popular ones. But if you’re with your family or enjoy easy hiking, there are some great short hikes too!

  • Emerald Pools (1.2 mi RT to lower, 3 mi RT to upper)
  • Canyon Overlook (1 mi RT)
  • The Watchman (2 mi RT)
  • Water Canyon (2 mi RT)
  • Weeping Rock (0.4 mi RT)
  • Riverside Walk / Gateway to the Narrows (2 mi RT)

You can even hike the Narrows if you’re up for a cold water adventure!

Mother Daughter Hiker Looking Out at Zion. Photo credit Joe Newman St. George Utah

I also found that there are some great jeep tours you can take in Zion, including Private tours in the winter months.

Snow Canyon State Park near St. George, Utah. Photo credit: St. George Utah

There are also four state parks in the St. George area that look amazing themselves. Snow Canyon State Park sounds awesome. It has volcanic cones, sand dunes, deep red sandstone cliffs, and twisted layers of rock. The scenery is so spectacular it has been the backdrop for Hollywood movies including The Electric Horseman and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid!

St. George Museums

If my kids were along for the trip I’d certainly be planning some museum visits since those are great winter weather activities. St. George has a few great museums for kids.

  • St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site – kids can see actually dinosaur footprints that were discovered on this very site! There are also other learning activities and displays.
  • Rosenbrunch Wildlife Center – kids can see the wildlife habitats of the Savannahs of Africa, the forests and jungles of South America, under the mountains and through the nocturnal scene of Asia and into North America.
  • St. George’s Children’s Museum – kids can touch, feel, play, and explore in ten fun exhibit rooms.
  • St. George City Art Museum – a great museum for adults, but it also features a Family Discovery Center.

There’s also a large recreation center and indoor pool, perfect for playing indoors if the weather is too cool.

Relaxing Spas

Of course, perhaps my favorite thing I discovered when I was checking out St. George is that the city has quite a few spas. I think having a warm stone massage and relaxing with a beautiful view is the perfect way to spend a winter day. Especially after all that hiking around the area parks! There are destination spas, if you want a complete spa vacation, but also day spas if you just need a relaxing day and treatment during your trip.

Spas in St. George, Utah. Photo credit: St. George Utah

Have you ever considered taking a winter vacation to a national park? I have to say that St. George, Utah sure looks like a great place to escape to in the winter for some fun outdoor adventures and relaxing retreat time, too.

Head over to the website of Visit St. George to plan your vacation!

Winter travel planning to St. George Utah
Winter travel planning to St. George Utah

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