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Tips for What to Expect at the Cirque du Soleil Crystal Show

Last night we had the chance to watch the new Cirque du Soleil show, Crystal. While I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, I came away with a smile on my face and with plenty of muttered wows in the books! I took Mia and her friend Dana, and we all left the show loving what we saw and feeling like the time flew by fast.

chair balancing cirque du soleil act

Chair balancing act in Crystal, the new Cirque du Soleil ice show.

What Is Crystal About?

Crystal starts out with a girl, Crystal, who doesn’t quite fit in with her expected life. She escapes to a local pond to skate off her frustration and she meets a doppelganger in the ice. Unfortunately, she skates on some weak ice and falls into the freezing water, which propels her into a parallel universe. Her doppelganger, who we all thought was an evil twin at first, gives her a pen which leads her to a discovery of the power to create a world of her own.
She uses her pen to turn all her life stresses, like school and the corporate push, into fun and artistic opportunities. Through her creations, she’s able to tap into her own voice and her own passions to find a life that fits her.
While Crystal might remind many parents of a Disney ice show, it also brings the fabulous Cirque circus acts to the stage. You’ll see beautiful ice skaters perform amazing spins, glides, and tosses, while also watching skaters do flips, swing on poles, hang from a trapeze, and be lifted by ariel ribbons. Along with the expected Cirque clown character downtime humor.

crystal cirque du soleil ice skating performance

What is the new Cirque du Soleil show Crystal about?

How Long is Cirque du Soleil Crystal?

For us our show started at 730 pm, however, you want to make sure you’re seated by 715 pm (15 minutes before the show start) in order to see the fun preshow that kicks off the show. And if you’re sitting in the front rows, you might want to be ready for some snowballs!
The first half of the show lasted 50 minutes. There was a 25-minute intermission (which was announced as a 20-minute intermission). The show then concluded at about 930 pm, making the show come it at two hours.

Where are the Best Seats for Crystal?

Our tickets were in the third row in the top (second-tier) section of our event arena. We were located toward the front, left corner of the stage when facing the stage. While we were a ways up and it limited our close-up view of the skaters, we still felt the seats offered a great view since we could see the whole “stage” of ice.
If you can arrange to sit in the upper rows of the first section facing the front of the stage (the narrow part of the rectangle) those would probably be the best seats. There are tension chains that support the upper framing of the stage and it can run through your field of vision if you’re sitting near the corners of the upper level. There are floor seats available for purchase in some arenas, these seats will allow you some character interaction primarily during the pre-show and intermission.
There is a minor part of the story that happens in the ice castle that is at the back part of the stage and is only visible straight on and at a slight angle. It is a little room that will open and close with a door and if you’re along the slides or close to the castle, versus being toward the front edge of the ice, you’ll have trouble seeing into the small room. I will say that nothing of too much importance happens in that room, but it might make you wonder what’s happening if you can’t see into that space.

pole swinging act in crystal

Awesome circus acts performed like standard cirque shows but also with an ice show aspect.

Is Crystal for Kids?

I took Mia and her friend, both of who are 12, and they loved the show. There’s nothing too scary and nothing really inappropriate for kids and I highly recommend Crystal as a great family show. The acrobatics will amaze everyone and the fun slapstick comedy is appropriate for all ages. I saw many kids in the audience and all seemed to be having a great time.

Tips for Attending

  • Make sure you arrive early, especially be sure to be seated 15 minutes before your show start time. Food booth lines always take extra time, so budget your time wisely for buying snacks.
  • The stage lights are very bright before the show starts. Be sure to bring a cap or be ready to face sideways to prevent sunspots from the bright lights. Thankfully they turn off once the show starts.
  • NO FLASH ALLOWED! If you’re going to take photos at the show, make sure you know how to take photos without flash. They’re very serious about this rule because a bright flashlight being shined in the eyes of a performer could be detrimental and cause the performer injury.
  • Show merchandise is available for purchase, including a show program that will cost $20. Kids t-shirts cost $15 and $20, adults were $30-$40. Hoodies were available too for $60. 
  • Also, remember that you’re sitting still in what might be hard plastic seats, so consider bringing seat cushions if you want a softer seat for the two-hour show.
  • You’ll also want to remember that it is an ice show, so the arena feels a little cool, so dress appropriately.

Crystal by Cirque du Soleil is playing through April 14th at the Angel of the Winds Arena in Everett, WA (near Seattle) and through September 1, 2019, across the US and Canada. I highly recommend the show if you like circus acts and ice shows.

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