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Say NO to Auto: Beginner Photography Video Workshop & GIVEAWAY

Last year my husband and I finally decided to invest in a DSLR camera. We love taking photos of our family life, but had avoided purchasing a DSLR because neither of us could imagine wanting to lug around the heavy/big body as opposed to our convenient little compact ultrazoom camera. However, with me starting a blog, we decided the time was here to get with it.

That brings us to now, a year later. I hate to say I have been “shooting” on auto since I unboxed the camera. Sure I checked out a few Dummies books from the library. I even pinned multiple posts on photography tips and know-hows. But still, none of them have broken through enough to make me take the camera off auto.

Well, all that has changed! My friend Kristen, who blogs at Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke, has created a photography video workshop tailored just for beginners. Amazingly enough it’s called ‘Say NO to Auto’. Sounds right up my alley!

Beginner Photography Video Workshop - Say NO to Auto | Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke review & giveaway StuffedSuitcase.comTonight was a musical holiday concert for my first grader, and I decided it was the perfect time to see what Kristen could teach me about taking my camera off auto. Nothing like a concert hall for a kids concert that makes one want to learn any photo trick in the book!

I am happy to say, it was “FABULOUS”!! I’m going to show you a couple of photos below that I took on auto compared to when I used the simple steps Kristen discussed to shoot in manual mode. If any of you have ever been at a kids school concert, you know how hard it is to get good photos of your child from that night. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Say NO to Auto Video Tutorial Workshop Compare Auto to Manual Review & Giveaway

Say NO to Auto Beginner Photographer Video Workshop Tutorial Review & Giveaway StuffedSuitcase.comI want to be very up front and say that I really had very little knowledge of photography settings, and this workshop was perfect for me. It explained the three basics steps to adjusting and shooting in manual mode. I need to do as Kristen says in the video and practice, practice, practice, but I was very impressed with what I learned so quickly and what kind of difference it made in the concert photos! She tells you the basics to understand the settings, which are straightforward and easy to implement.

Kristen has been teaching this beginning photography workshop in person for a while for $150 ticket price. She’s taken all her skills from those previous live workshops and rolled them into a video workshop for anyone, anywhere, and for only $60! One of the biggest advantages of this video workshop tutorial is that you can watch it over and over again! I already plan to listen again and go out to try my skills in a new environment.

I’m so excited to announce that Kristen is giving away a photography video workshop to one of my readers AND is giving a $10 discount coupon to my readers, making the workshop only $50. Keep in mind that this would be a great Christmas gift for someone who has a new fancy camera!

If you want to go ahead and buy the photography video workshop with the discount, Kristen will refund your purchase if you’re selected as the winner of the giveaway. So, go ahead and guarantee yourself some better photos of your family life, family travels, and holidays! Just Say NO to Auto! Buy the video on Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke and use the code suitcase10 during checkout for your $10 discount. Enter the giveaway in the rafflecopter below.

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Tuesday 10th of December 2013

Hi, that is so neat! I love seeing people transition out of manual. Once you start, you can't go back, right? :)

If you ever need more photography tips, you should check out my blog @! :) I also really enjoy But most of all, I love

There are so many great online resources out there! I pretty much taught myself how to do photography using free internet sources. Keep up the great work! Photography is a wonderful journey :).


Tuesday 10th of December 2013

The pictures really say it all don't they? I have been thinking of getting her ebook but the video class would be awesome. This a great discount and a great giveaway! I will be tweeting!


Tuesday 10th of December 2013

It was so helpful Stevie! I actually have her books and it was helpful to have the Say NO to Auto book while watching the video. Although, since she's teaching the "class" of the book, the video shows certain book pages. Even with the books, I found her simple discussion of the steps really helpful in knowing how to put the knowledge into action.