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5 Most Interactive Disney Characters for Kids & Where to Find Them at Disneyland

Our family has visited Disneyland quite a few times and those trips gave us so many wonderful memories. I especially like to look back on our vacation photos and remember when our girls were young. We’ve met our fair share of characters while in the parks, which is why I’m excited to welcome Danielle, who just wrote a Disneyland Activity book for kids, to share with us her take on the 5 Most Interactive Disney Characters for Kids & Where to Find Them at Disneyland!

Hey y’all, I’m Danielle from Busy Mom’s Helper, and I’m a BIG Disney fan! We’ve been going as a whole big family to Disneyland for many years, so we’ve learned a few things – such as where to find the best Disney characters in Disneyland.

Nabbing character signatures at the parks is a really big part of the excitement for kids – and makes for a wonderful souvenir they can take home with them! When I was little, I remember being disappointed often because all you really got was a quick signature, snap a picture, then a wave so they could hurry in the next person in line.

Since we’ve been bringing my kids, though, I think Disney has upped their game and the characters are really starting to interact with the kids, taking a minute to actually create a magical memory with them.

My favorite 5 most interactive Disney characters for kids:

#1: Thor

— find him around/in Superhero HQ in Tomorrowland —

Of all the wonderful characters at Disneyland, Thor was my absolute FAVORITE this past time, and I’ve heard that from many others, too. Most of our group were on a ride so it was mostly my girl and my sister’s 2 babies. He took the time to even interact with them – talking ‘baby-Thor talk’ and letting them grip his finger in their hands. It was super cute! He then visited with my girl a bit, asking her favorite Avenger and everything. My friend went shortly after us, and Thor sat and played a game in her son’s Disneyland Activity & Autograph book! Such memories ☺

#2: StormTroopers

— at Jedi Training, or around Tomorrowland for Season of the Force —

meeting disney characters storm trooper at disneylandYou can have so much fun with this guys! We were building light sabers in the store near Star Tours, and they knocked on the window, pretending to start a fight with the boys….
…my kids were THRILLED!

#3: Peter Pan

— around Fantasyland, Main Street USA or by Rivers of America —

Since he’s such a mischievous lad, Peter Pan can be really fun with kids who want to get him playful. Discuss a plot to get at Hook, or a search for more Lost Boys.

#4: Captain Jack Sparrow

— New Orleans Square or Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island (currently closed) —

I’ll admit, nobody can quite play Jack Sparrow (CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow, sorry!) quite like Johnny Depp – but they do get some really neat ones that are goofy and playful. Walking down the street, he came up behind my sister (who had braids in her hair) – he pulled one of hers up, compared it to his own braids, then shrugged and walked on. Loved it!

#5: Cruella De Vil

— Main Entrance, Town Square, Toontown or the Disney Hotels —

Cruella is quite the evil woman, so careful if you ask her about puppies, or her latest fur coat! She’s playful enough with the littles that they think it’s funny, but don’t really get scared much.

Bonus #6: Fairy Godmother

— Central Plaza, or Sleeping Beauty’s Castle —

Photo ops abound when you visit a Disney park! Check out some of our most interactive Disney characters experiences, and tips for where to find them while on your Disneyland vacation!

Have your kids ask Fairy Godmother for a special spell, or why she prefers using pumpkins as carriages. Ours really enjoyed talking ‘magic’ with her. I’ve even heard people say they were pregnant and had her ‘bless’ that their baby would be a certain gender. Well, a 50/50 chance she’s right anyway!

For nabbing all those Character Autographs at Disneyland be sure to grab our new ‘Unofficial’ Disneyland Activity & Autograph Book! Over 20 pages of creatively designed pages perfect for the classics like Mickey, Goofy and Pluto, princesses like Ariel and Rapunzel, and even new ones like Darth Vader or the Avengers! This is also a perfect activity book for kids while waiting in lines for attractions!


Thanks Danielle for the great ideas & great job on creating such a helpful activity book for kids visiting Disneyland!

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