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12 Days of Christmas Giveaway – Wanderlist Book Launch

Wanderlist Travel Planning Tips Workbook © Stuffed Suitcase

The day is finally here! After putting in over a year of work, my book, Wanderlist is here.

Wanderlist is the ultimate travel planning book, filled with travel tips and worksheets to help you plan your next vacation. This book will help make travel planning easy.

Five sections filled with tips and worksheets, all designed to help save you time and money!

To celebrate the launch of my book, Wanderlist, I’m putting on a giveaway! A 12 Days of Christmas giveaway to be exact. Each day this post and image will be updated to announce the new prize for the day. 12 prizes and 12 winners! Make sure you check back each day to discover the new prize.

On the FIRST day of Christmas, the giveaway prize to be was:

One print copy of Wanderlist, the ultimate travel planning book.

Wanderlist is my brand new travel planning book. It’s loaded with my favorite travel tips and plenty of worksheets to help you plan your next vacation, and save you time and money!

On the SECOND day of Christmas, the giveaway prize to be was:

Day 2 Giveaway – a pair of LuLaRoe leggings from LuLaRoe by Carey & Mariah Boutique

One pair of LuLaRoe leggings in your size. Donated by LuLaRoe by Carey & Mariah Boutique, a facebook group for getting all your favorite LuLaRoe clothing.

LuLaRoe is one of my absolute travel clothing brands. They have comfy leggings as well as dressy skirts and dresses. It’s perfect for throwing in your suitcase for vacation!





On the THIRD day of Christmas, the giveaway prize to be was:

One myCharge Power-Extend 3.

I’ve been using myCharge power banks since attending CES last year, and I love them! This usb charging hub is perfect for traveling families or home charging spots.





On the FOURTH day of Christmas, the giveaway prize to be was:

One Demi Hugger Travel Strap.

When traveling we always feel like we need more hands to manage all our bags. This new Demi Hugger Travel Strap helps you keep things together and move quickly through airports!




On the FIFTH day of Christmas, the giveaway prize to be was:

One Jetsetter Scratch Off USA Map.

What a fun and colorful way to keep track of all the states you’ve explored. Scratch off where you’ve been and make plans to head to where you haven’t!






On the SIXTH day of Christmas, the giveaway prize to be was:

One American Girl Girl of the Year Gabriela Doll & Book

Here’s quite the prize for our giveaway. The perfect companion for playing at home and for tagging along on trips!

Gabriela is the new 2017 Girl of the Year doll from American Girl. Gabriela is a true creative talent who uses the power of poetry to help her break down barriers and overcome a personal challenge with stuttering. Gabriela comes to life for girls via a beautiful 18-inch Gabriela doll featuring curly dark-brown hair and warm brown eyes, an exclusive outfit that reflects her creative side, and a book chronicling her story.

On the SEVENTH day of Christmas, the giveaway prize to be was:

HomingPIN Loss Protection Pack

1% of all bags carried by airlines are mislaid. For a family of 5 travelling twice a year that means a 20% chance each year of a bag going missing or being lost. The risk is far higher for flights involving a transfer from one flight to another. Mobile phones, cameras, ipads, laptops, passports, wallets and bicycles can all be a nightmare when mislaid. Yet when they arrive at a lost-property office or police station only approximately 25% are returned to the owner because there is no simple way to track down the owner. After less than a month the 75% that’s left is generally auctioned. HomingPIN puts the owner and finder of lost property together, so that mislaid and lost property can be returned.

On the EIGHTH day of Christmas, the giveaway prize to be was:

myCharge HubXtra

Another awesome myCharge product that is perfect for travel. This Hub charging bank is what I travel with all the time and I love it. First I love that it has both a lightning cord and micro USB cord. No tangling cords being carried in my travel bag. And, I love how I can just pop the device into a wall outlet to recharge. These things are perfect for travelers!




On the NINTH day of Christmas, the giveaway prize to be was:

National Geographic Kids Book Set
– Almanac 2017
– Weird But True 8
– 125 Wacky Roadside Attractions

I am so happy to have been chosen as a #NatGeoKidsInsider this year since our family LOVES their books. Here are some awesome ones that traveling kids will love. The Almanac 2017 is filled with tons of great facts kids will love. My girls have been reading the Nat Geo Kids Almanacs for years now! And, if you’ve got any road trips coming up, the 125 Wacky Roadside Attractions might help you choose your route. Lastly, the Weird But True series are packed full of random trivia that kids will love. And did you know they just launched a Weird But True TV series too?!

On the TENTH day of Christmas, the giveaway prize to be was:

6 pc set of ARKTek Packing Organizers

I’ve only recently started using packing cubes to help me pack more efficiently, and I’m a fan. I’ve always been a pretty good packer, but the organizing cubes definitely help me stay more organized. I can keep all types of one clothing in one of the cubes, or keep certain outfits together. All around they’re super helpful for people who just want to pack smarter!




On the ELEVENTH day of Christmas, the giveaway prize to be was:

Magellan MiVue 480D Dual HD Dash Camera

Here’s a great new tech toy for any future road trips, or for daily driving too. Have a dashcam that can will show and record your view and driving. Plus the second camera allows you to create a rear camera or helps you keep an eye on the kids, use it wherever you want an extra set of eyes while driving!


On the TWELFTH day of Christmas, the giveaway prize to be was:

myCharge iPhone 6s/6 Power+Case


Another amazing product from myCharge, this Power+Case is great for heavy phone users who don’t want to carry a power bank around with them. If you’ve spent a lot of time traveling and cruising airports, or airplanes) you know that battery power to your phone is vital. At least for those of us who love social media, watching videos, listening to music, and playing games! Now you can travel with the equivalent of another full battery and a half right in your hand!


Giveaway is over.

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Friday 6th of January 2017

Budget plan.

Angela Saver

Friday 6th of January 2017

My favorite is the travel worksheets!

John Smith

Friday 6th of January 2017

I like the book's beautifully done graphics. They make it really easy to use and consult!

Ellen Casper

Friday 6th of January 2017

I like that Wanderlist is available in a eBook PDF or spiral bound print format.


Friday 6th of January 2017

The budget planning is helpful i like this..

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