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You Absolutely Need this App When Traveling Internationally

Traveling internationally can be a bit overwhelming for some families. It’s a big investment for one thing. You also need to take into account safety warnings as well as travel requirements for entry. Lastly, if something did happen while you were traveling, would you have access to what you need for emergency help? This post has been written in partnership with Allianz Travel Insurance.

Travel insurance is an easy way of protecting your vacation investment. And Allianz’s newly updated TravelSmart app is making it even easier for you to use your travel insurance, in addition to helping you travel smarter.

How the TravelSmart App Helps You Travel Smarter

Travel Information

  • There’s a new geolocation function that helps show you country information and destination guides as you travel.
  • The app connects you with the U.S. Department of State website for additional country information like visa and immunization requirements, a must know before you go!
  • You can stay up to date on your flights with the app’s Real Time Flight Status Tracking. Just add your upcoming flight(s) into the app using airport locations and dates, or by flight number (ex: DL 1011) and date.

Travel Assistance Services

  • If you need help while traveling you can hit the “Assistance Around Me,” button in the TravelSmart app. It has a list of hospitals, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, police stations, and U.S. Embassy offices. Allianz Global Assistance has also flagged it’s recommended facilities in the geolocation search.
  • You can quickly access Global Emergency Numbers from the home screen.
  • Push the Contact Us button on the home screen to reach the Allianz 24-hour assistance team for help with travel-related assistance issues and emergency medical situations.
  • The app has a Medication Dictionary where you can store a photo of your prescription label and find international names. Great in case you run out of meds or lose them during your trip.
  • If you’re sick, the First Aid Terms Translation feature can help you communicate the problem when you’re in a foreign language location. The app provides translations for 60+ illnesses, injuries and first aid needs into 18 common languages.

Travel Insurance

  • You can easily access your Allianz Travel Insurance policies in the app. Great for confirming your travel insurance coverage, including who’s listed on your policy, benefit details and valid dates all from the home screen.
  • If something does happen and you need your travel insurance, the app makes it easy. You can start, track and even select how you want your claim to be paid, all within the app.

We all know vacations can be expensive. They’re worth it in my opinion, but still require quite an investment. One of my travel fears is what would happen if one of my daughters got sick or hurt and we wouldn’t be able to travel. Or if something happened during the trip and we had to cut the trip short. Would we really be ok throwing away the money we spent on our vacation? Probably not!

I love knowing that the Allianz TravelSmart app can help families during their trips. In addition to their services for protecting your travel investment, the app helps keep you safe and help you quickly if something happens during your trip.

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