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Merrily We Ferry

As a Kansas girl who moved to Seattle, one thing I’ve come to love is a ferry ride. Watching people and cars–lots and lots of cars–load onto a seemingly open boat is just amazing. Out here it’s obvious that these ferries are truly used for the purpose of transportation. However, I believe they also have a great spot in tourism. There are very few places in North America where people can witness and experience this unique ferrying activity. Whenever we have visitors, we make a point to take them on a ferry ride as a true Seattle experience. Warning, those who are concerned with their hairstyle might want to rethink this iconic experience…it is very windy on the deck of the boat. Seagulls actually ride the wind drafts and the occasional tourist tries to feed them. The regulars, who are aware that something not so nice comes along with those flying seagulls, groan and try not to look up. I’ve experienced both the foot passenger and car passenger experience, and both have their pros and cons. Walking on a ferry is more affordable as well as being very simple. However, being a foot passenger requires you to find parking at the ferry terminal, not always an easy task, as well as having a destination within walking distance on the other side. One of our favorite ferry rides for our family is the Edmonds to Kingston ferry. It is a fairly short and affordable trip, as well as having a nice little main street with a couple of tourist shops and a great ice cream and coffee shop. However, if you’re only doing one ferry ride, I would highly recommend the Seattle to Bainbridge Island ferry ride. You can’t get more classic Seattle than taking a ferry across Puget Sound with the Seattle city skyline in the background. I consider taking a ferry ride in Seattle a must-do for any tourist visiting Seattle, and an added bonus for all the residents who get to call this beautiful city home.
For more information about Seattle ferries, visit the Washington State Ferries website at

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