Road Trip Gifts

With these road trip gift ideas, you will find something for any age.   Gadgets, organizers, and travel games for the kids. 

Open Road Ahead

We all want to get where we are going and not get lost, so a road atlas would be great for any traveler. You never know when you won't be able to use GPS.


Audiobooks are great to entertain the whole family. Audible gift memberships will help stop the "Are we there yets" during those long stretches while on the road.

Keeping your vehicle organized is one of the best things you can do. Get a car organizer for  the front seat and one in the back for the kids.


First Aid Travel Tips

A first aid kit is a must  for any road trip.  Be prepared with lip  balm, sunburn relief, Band-Aids, and  hand sanitizer.

Kid's Activities

Stuff for the Kids to do includes movies, books, Mad Libs, road trip printable scavenger  hunts, road trip  games, and a  travel journal.

Give the gift of our country's national parks!  An America The Beautiful annual pass is a great addition to any  gift basket.

National Park Pass


A power inverter, cell phone vent mount,  air purifier, portable car vacuum, or a digital  tire pressure gauge are all thoughtful ideas for on the road travel.

Gift Cards

Road trip lovers will put gift cards to good use. They are available for gas, fast food, or activities at the destination. You really can't go wrong with gift cards!