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Week 8 of 40 Weeks of Nut-Free School Lunch Ideas

Another week of making my kids’ school lunch and wow, it is amazing how the days are all merging together! I have to be careful to email the photos or save them with the date right away or else I forget which day goes with which photo. I cannot find a fifth picture for this week, so I think I gave the girls money for school lunch once this past week. Unfortunately I’m not positive, which is torture for a type a brain like mine!

Week 8 of 40 Weeks of packed kids school lunches that are nut / peanut free kid lunch

Week 8 Kids School Lunch Ideas

Monday: turkey slices, string cheese twist (cut), halloween fright bite tortilla chips, carrots & cucumbers, mandarin orange

Tuesday: hard boiled egg (rabbit mold), cheese wedge, thin breadsticks, plum tomatoes, carrots & peapods, grapes

Wednesday: croissant, ham slices, cheese wedge, plum tomatoes & peapods, mandarin orange, halloween candy chocolate treat

Friday: chicken noodle soup, carrots & peapods & plum tomatoes, apple, sunflower seeds

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