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Website Issues & Thankfulness

Stress & Thankfulness

photo courtesy of flickr Alan Cleaver

Well this has been and active and stressful few days. I hosted a Halloween dinner, trick-or-treated ’til late, celebrated a birthday, had a birthday party at Chuck e Cheese, chaperoned a first grade field trip to the zoo, and oh yeah, my website broke! Pretty sure I need to visit a spa soon.

As some of my loyal (and new) readers might have discovered, for the past couple of days my website would not load any of my pages. I kept receiving an Internal 500 Server Error message that we could not figure out. We switched hosting providers thinking it had to be a hosting error or server error on their end. Worked for a few hours then started erroring again, even worse!

As of right now, we switched back to our original hosting company and have tried a few fixes. I have not had an internal 500 error since I deactivated many of my plugins, so we’ll see if that keeps things stable.

Many friends and bloggers began a 30 days of thankfulness, so I wanted to throw a thankful shout out now. I am SO thankful for my husband. He is a computer guy (not wordpress though) and has been so kind and helpful to get my site fixed and running again. What would I do without him?!

I’m asking all of my readers to take a moment and send me an email if you get an error, so we can keep an eye on the issue. I think I might start activating some plugins soon to try and pinpoint the code error, so any help is appreciated.

Thanks so much for visiting my site! Blessings to all of you!

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