7 Essential Winter Road Trip Tips to Keep You Safe

Spend some time preparing for winter driving to make sure you stay safe and happy while in your car! If you are planning to travel this winter be sure to follow local travel rules and restrictions.

If you are heading out on a winter road trip, you’ll want to make sure you’re aware of your route.

Check all the road conditions and be sure to note if any roads are closed in the winter.

Allow Extra Time

Make sure you take into account that winter driving will mean slowing down. The amount of distance you can cover during the summer will be very different from how fast and far you can drive in winter conditions.

Prep Your Car

You’ll want to get your car ready for winter driving whether you’re taking a winter road trip or even if you’re just driving around home. Prepping your car for winter driving means packing a few essentials and doing some car maintenance.

Keep Your Tank Full

When driving in winter weather conditions, it’s good to always keep your gas tank filled. When I learned winter driving in Kansas I was told that once you hit half a tank it’s time to refuel. That way if something happens and you do end up stuck and waiting for assistance, you’ll be able to run your heater to stay warm.

Watch Your Speed

As I mentioned above, driving in snow and ice means slowing down. You’ll want to allow plenty of time reach your destination and take your time on snowy roads.

Watch for Signs and Bridges

While driving this winter you should stay alert for road signs warning of slippery road conditions. Bridges and overpasses are often marked this way. The cold weather can make them freeze more easily and they might have metal junctions that can be slick.