How Much Does the Average Vacation Cost?

I would rather own a little and see the world than own the world and see a little.

- Alexander Sattler


Getting to your destination can be one of the largest expenses. Will you fly or drive? The average price of a domestic US airfare is $359. The average price for a tank of gas is $2.39.

Hotel costs can be one of the biggest expenses. The national average is $146 a night but in popular big cities the averages are closer to $300.



Food is another vacation expense you need to budget for. A good average is to plan on spending $10 on breakfast, $20 on lunch, $25 on dinner, and $5 for snacks. Plus beverages.


Don't forget to budget for your activity costs. Admission tickets and tours you'll want to take. Plus shopping for things like souvenirs.


Don't forget to bring cash on your trip. You'll need to tip hotel staff and might need it for shopping at small shops or food carts. Also check your ATM card usage and any possible fees.