Unique Travel Gifts for Cool Travelers

When you’ve been all over the world, finding the perfect gift to impress someone can be hard. But as a traveler myself, I know that travel gifts can help bring wanderlust to my daily life.

Surprise travel lovers with these cool and unique travel gifts that help bring the world home and make traveling fun. Some of these gifts are useful for travelers while on the go, and some are simply fun travel gifts that travelers can use every day.

Expandable Knack Pack

This is my new favorite travel backpack and a great gift for travelers. This Knack Pack has tons of useful pockets including a hidden laptop side pocket and a great water bottle pocket that zips into the backpack. I also love that it can expand to hold clothes, great for a short overnight trip.

City Map Glasses

Here's a truly unique travel gift that can celebrate your favorite cities and college towns. Get a coffee cup, pint glass, or wine glass that features a street map of major cities around the world.

Selfie Remote Control & Mini Tripod

This super-compact tripod and bluetooth remote helps travelers snap photos of themselves while traveling. And its 4" size helps it pack away easily.

WAYPOINT GOODS Travel Scarf w/ Hidden Zipper Pocket

These travel scarfs are a great way to keep your important documents safe while also helping you stay warm. Scarfs are a great thing to pack for a long flight! And there are so many colors and patterns for every type of traveler.

Tile Essentials

Travelers are always on the go and it can be easy to misplace one of your items while traveling. These Tile trackers are great for sticking on wallets and gadgets to help keep track of where your items are while on the go.