Best Route from Seattle to Olympic National Park

Planning a trip from Seattle to Olympic National Park and wondering what the best way is to get there?

Your best route is going to depend a bit on where you are in Seattle, when you’re traveling, and if you want to take a ferry.

Seattle to Olympic National Park  (No Ferry Route)

If you want to avoid ferries, there is an easy way to drive from Seattle to Olympic National Park.

via I-5 Tacoma

From Seattle, you’ll head south on I-5 to Tacoma. At Tacoma, you’ll take WA-16 West to the peninsula and work your way north towards Port Orchard/Gorst.

Near Gorst, you’ll take WA-3 North towards Port Gamble. You’ll then connect to WA-104 and cross the Hood Canal Bridge.  WA-104 will connect with WA-101 North and you’ll take this highway across the top of the peninsula to Port Angeles.

via I-5 Olympia

Another driving route that does not use a ferry is to take I-5 South to Olympia. Then at Olympia, you’ll take WA-8 West to WA-12 West to Aberdeen.  After Aberdeen, you’ll take the WA-101 North at Hoquiam to reach the southwest part of Olympic National Park.

Driving from Seattle to Olympic National Park via Ferry

The ferry ride should take about 30 minutes to cross, but you’ll need to arrive early if you have a reservation and you could have a long wait if you don’t have a reservation.