What is the Rocky Mountaineer Gold Leaf Experience Like?

Considering taking a trip aboard the Rocky Mountaineer train and wondering what the Gold Leaf service is all about?

Here’s what to expect when you travel on the Rocky Mountaineer Gold Leaf service and how it differs from the Silver Leaf level!

The Gold Leaf (GoldLeaf) service is all about the train cars. They’re bi-level with the seats on the top level and a dining room down below. The seating area is topped with glass-dome windows, giving you the most spectacular full view of the towering mountain scenery.

The seats for the Gold Leaf cars are in a 2 x 2 row configuration and have approximately 20 rows, with a center walkway aisle down the middle.

Your seats in the GoldLeaf cars are plush and comfortable. They come with a control panel that allows the back to slide down and create a recline but without actually reclining into the row behind you.

Another aspect of the luxury aspect of the Gold Leaf service are the meals. Your car will have a chef and dining staff that will prepare your meals and serve you during your ride. You’ll eat two meals aboard, breakfast and lunch.

My absolute favorite experience with this was at breakfast because we were served the most delicious cinnamon scones with fresh jam for our morning snack!