7 Road Trip Outfits

to Look Cute and Be Comfortable

Getting ready for an upcoming getaway and wondering what to wear on a road trip?

Plus, I’m sharing 7 road trip outfits that will help you stay comfy while looking cute!

Dressing For Comfort When Driving Long Distances

Long-distance traveling means spending lots of time sitting in one seat with little to no wiggle room.

Start With Shoes And Build Up for Your Perfect Comfy Road Trip Outfit

Slip-ons are ideal because they are easy on the foot and… well, they slip-on. This makes it easier when traveling with family and having to get in and out of the car often.

What are the Best Pants for Traveling?

Hands down, I believe leggings and jeggings are some of the best clothes for road trips.

7 Road Trip Outfits

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7 Road Trip Outfits

Cute & Comfy

7 Road Trip Outfits