How Much Does It Cost To Go to Disney World?

This comprehensive guide will help you take everything into consideration.

Keep in mind that currently some attractions, hotels, etc, may be modified or unavailable.

Also, to enter a park, both a park reservation and valid admission for the same park on the same date are required.

How Much Do Disney Travel Agents Charge?

The biggest benefit to using a travel agent is that it can save you time at  no extra cost.

Let’s look at all the costs.

Taxi - $70

Uber/Lyft - $35 - $50

Private Car - $127

Getting Around Orlando and  Disney World:

Disney Hotel Costs

Deluxe Hotel: $650-$1100 Per Night

Moderate Resort: $300-$450 Per Night

Value Resorts: $120-$300 Per Night

Disney World Food Price

Quick-Service Plan: $55 (Adult) $26 (Kids)

Disney Dining Plan: $78 (Adult) $30 (Kids)

Dining Plan Plus: $94 (Adult) $35 (Kids)

Deluxe Dining Plan: $119 (Adult) $47 (Kids)


I’d recommend budgeting $100 per person for souvenirs. Disney PhotoPass costs $69 for one day or $169 for your trip

2021 Ticket Prices

A base ticket will start at $109, and can go up to $552. The price per day will actually go down a bit for the additional number of days.