What Makes a Great

Family Car for Moms?

Time in the car is one of the best times for family conversations!

I’m going to share some of the best features I’ve discovered that make cars great for families.


It’s no surprise that space matters when you’re looking for a family car. Whether you’re looking for the ability to fit multiple car seats, backseat legroom for lanky teens, or a third row for carpool duty, how much space a car offers families matters.

Gas Mileage

Consider how much driving your family does and what you expect in the years ahead as you own the car. Choose a vehicle that will help you spend less time at the pump and more time with your kids!


Newer cars now have built in Bluetooth that allows you to use your phone GPS system for navigation. You can plug in an electric cooler to keep your road trip snacks cold, and if you’re outdoors you can use it to quickly inflate airbeds or pool toys!

Cargo Space

When you’re a traveling family like we are, cargo space will also help you store all your family gear for vacation. From multiple suitcases and strollers, and even a dog bed, the more cargo space a vehicle has will help families with their daily life.


Lastly, safety is a huge factor for families when choosing a car. You’re going to be driving around the most important people in your world and you want a car that will keep you all safe. 

What Makes a Great Family Car for Moms?

Choosing vehicles with good safety ratings has been very important for us.