Sky lagoon

Hot springs bathing is a popular social activity for many Icelanders. Even during the cold and harsh weather months, you’ll find locals spending time relaxing in hot springs and pools to wind down and socialize with friends.

Sky Lagoon is located at Kársnes Harbour, Kópavogur. You can easily take a taxi to and from the city center. A taxi from Reykjavik city center to Sky Lagoon will cost about $25-$30 USD and takes about 15 minutes.

How to Get To Sky Lagoon

Sky Lagoon is actually a man-made outdoor geothermal pool. It is naturally heated from the hot water in the ground. The water itself is completely cleaned and treated every day to give guests a crystal-clear pool experience.

is sky lagoon a hot spring?

It does not have any harsh chemicals or minerals, i.e. no chlorine or silica, so it’s completely safe for your swimsuits and hair!

You can’t see the lagoon from the parking lot or even lookout spots from Reykjavik. It’s hidden behind turf and rocks, with an opening view over the Atlantic Ocean and Skerjafjörður fjord.


The lagoon entrances are tucked into the rocks so you leave the changing rooms and step down into the lagoon. It’s a very welcoming and naturally designed process.

At one end of the lagoon is a waterfall, perfect for a quick dunk or for water massage therapy on sore shoulders.

If you’re wanting to eat or drink while visiting Sky Lagoon, you’ll have a few dining options on-site.

dining at sky lagoon



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