Top 10 Camping Apps for Your Next Adventure

Successful campers understand the importance of planning. And in this digital time, there’s no better way to plan than to use some helpful camping apps.

It all starts with what you want to experience. With all the different places you can visit, how do you pick one? What makes the location more unique than the others.

Apps to Help You Choose a Campground

There are hundreds of apps that help campers search camping grounds. You can never go wrong with Campendium and Recreation.

The Campendium App also contains thousands of peer-reviewed campgrounds across the US


SkyView Lite

Camping can be one of the best ways to see the night sky. You’re typically away from large city lights and the sky will be filled with stars at night.

There’s so much to pack when you are going camping. It’s easy to forget some essential supplies, whether you’re an experienced camper or not. Most people use a checklist to take care of the packing problem.

Packing List App

First Aid

This app contains a comprehensive collection of first aid approaches to most emergencies and accidents known to man.