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Tween Christmas Gifts They’ll Love

As the mom of two girls, ages eleven and nine, I’ve fully embraced the concept of tweenhood. It’s only fitting that this new moniker has been born since there is a phase of childhood where kids are past the elementary age phase, but not yet teenagers. Shopping can be a bit tricky for this age group, so based on my own real life experiences I’m bringing you some ideas of tween christmas gifts that your own tweens are sure to love! (affiliate links included)

Tween Christmas Gifts


Sphero Ball

These are a perfect gift for kids who are into coding. They’re small little rolling robots that can be programmed and played with to do a variety of things. I don’t even fully understand what all they do, but even schools are in love with these devices. (Sphero 2.0 on amazon)


The cousin to the sphero ball, this remote bluetooth controlled driving toy is all about the speed. Kids who have loved radio controlled cars in the past will love Ollie (as long as they have a bluetooth controller, i.e. smartphone/tablet). (Ollie on amazon)

Wireless Speakers

If they’re into music and have a iPod or other music playing device, wireless speakers are very popular. They connect to the music device through bluetooth and kids can take their music along from their room to the backyard, or even a friends house. (Wireless Bluetooth Speaker on amazon)


Many kids are using these at school for assignments, so having one at school can be a fun way for them to do homework and to surf the web. Keep in mind that their are responsibilities that every parent should take when they allow their kids to get online. Education, regulation, and prevention are aspects that parents should consider before gifting your child with a personal internet device. (Chromebook on amazon)


Another excellent gift for tween who are into gadgets / coding / building, all the future engineers of the world will love tinkering with these fabulous electronic devices that can build tons of fun gadgets and gizmos. (littleBits online)

The Game of Life

I’m sure you remember this game as a child. It’s evidently still popular and my girls love playing out fantasy life stories. My oldest gets especially excited when she gets the Computer Game Designer career as that’s her current future job of choice. (The Game of Life Game on amazon)

maryellen smAmerican Girl Maryellen Doll

This is a great gift for grandparents to give, the new Maryellen doll is from the 1950’s which can be a great conversation piece for grandmothers with their granddaughters. If your tween has a doll already, there are a lot of new accessories and outfits that you can add to her collection, or give a gift card for her to use in store. Both of my girls have loved shopping at our local American Girl Seattle store! (Maryellen at American Girl online)

Yoga Mat

If your tween is into yoga and gymnastics this could be a great gift. My daughter loves yoga and I know that she’d love a new yoga mat in her favorite teal color. Paired up with a new activewear outfit, and you’ve got a pretty nice gift for your active tween. (Yoga Mat on amazon)

endless jewelry sm

Endless Jewelry

Tween girls can really get into jewelry, and these bracelets are like a grown up charm bracelet. The smooth leather designs are fashionable, but more wearable and affordable than some of the higher end charm bracelets. Plus, lots of charm beads to start a tradition and collection. (endless jewelry online)

justice gift smJustice Gift Card

You might have seen our recent trip to shop at Justice, and they really have changed the style/type of clothing they sell. Grace had a blast and found a LOT of outfits she loved. You can either choose an outfit for your tween or just wrap up a gift card and plan a shopping trip so she can choose her own clothes. (shopjustice online)


You can never really outgrow those great building blocks. And with the new Star Wars movie releasing, there’s a whole new level of lego building! Plus, tween minecraft fans will love those LEGO sets. (LEGO on amazon)

Bedroom at the Homewood Suites Lynnwood - also has separate living room and kitchenVacation / Staycation Getaway

Both of my girls love family vacations and especially fun hotel stays. If you’re looking to stop giving things and start giving experiences, consider gifting a hotel certificate or surprise them with a fun family vacation announcement!

Tween Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas


Wreck This Journal

Book lovers might cringe at the concept of this book. The concept is to literally destroy the book, each page directing the owner in unique ways to trash and mutilate the book. While it seems a bit harsh, it’s great fun and brings my girls a lot of laughs. (Wreck This Journal on amazon)

Baby Lips

These lipbalms are very popular and my oldest loves collecting all the colors. Bonus that many are softly colored and a good “starter” makeup for young girls who want to grow up too fast. (Baby Lips on amazon)


Another popular lipbalm, these are those cute sphere shaped lipbalms and come in a variety of flavors. Some kids even collect them! (EOS on amazon)


It’s popular to listen to music on the bus or in their room, and earbuds are a popular and inexpensive choice. (Earphones on amazon)

Shop StarbucksStore.comStarbucks Gift Card

Don’t freak out, my girls don’t drink coffee…but Starbucks sells other beverages and teas that my girls love to enjoy occasionally on our outings. (Starbucks gift card online)

iTunes Gift Card

This is reliant on your tween having an apple music device (iPod/iPhone) but however they listen to their favorite music, grab a gift card for that service so they can buy more of their favorite tunes.

Spotify Membership

This is a music streaming service that offers a free and premium service. Again, this only works if your tween has a wifi enabled device that they listen to music on.

Claire’s Gift Card

The ultimate trinket store for tweens, they’ll find jewelry, makeup, accessories, and even cell phone cases. It’s a money blackhole for moms of tweens.

Hope this post gave you some fun ideas for shopping for tween Christmas gifts! Is there a gift idea your tween has on their list? Share it below!

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  1. Great ideas! My daughter is obsessed with EOS. I always stick a couple in her stocking. I’ve been thinking about a Bluetooth speaker, but considering one that lights up and changes colors. Have you tried any like that?

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