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Throwback Thursday

Have you heard of the social media trend called “Throwback Thursday”? It involves people posting pictures of themselves from the past. I’m an 80s kid and many of my friends post pictures that bring back such funny memories of growing up. Well, I’m going to do a bit of a Throwback Thursday by posting a picture of a past vacation. Have you ever taken a vacation, snapped lots of pictures, then come home and let them live on your computer hard drive (or shoebox)? Well, I’m going to dig out the archives and look back at those past vacations. Hopefully they’ll bring back some great memories. Perhaps I’ll even get around to making one of those photo books, that I never seem to find the time for! Oh, and the other little tidbit, I don’t think I’ll post about where the picture was taken. I’ll share the info on my next Throwback picture. Perhaps you’ll like to wager a guess…

Throwback Thursday 2013 09 12 #family #travel

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