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Throwback Thursday Travel: Take a Hike Day

This Sunday is ‘Take a Hike Day’! What a great thing to celebrate. We live in the Pacific Northwest which is, I would guess, a hiker’s playground. There are amazing websites, blogs, and books detailing all the great hikes in the PNW. Our family has not hiked as often as we should, and that’s something I definitely want to remedy. What a great family activity and experience!

I cannot locate any photos from the few hikes we have done, so I’m sharing a similar take on my Throwback Thursday Travel picture post. One year ago, this week, we were on a Caribbean cruise. It was an amazing experience and a fabulous family vacation. Our ship had a rock climbing wall, which we all took a turn climbing. Even 6 year old Faith! I think rock climbing is in the same line as hiking, and since it is a one year anniversary of our trip, that’s the photo I’m sharing.

This photo is one of my favorites because she looks so small on that rock wall! From down below, I had no worries about her climbing (being pulled by the rope operator) up the wall. But when I see this photo, I think, “oh my!”.
Throwback Thursday Travel Norwegian Cruise Line Ship Rock Wall

Throwback Thursday Travel family travel placeLast week I shared a fun photo and I’m curious as to if any of you guessed our location. This photo was taken in the Lewis and Clark Caverns off I-90 in Whitehall, Montana. Last week’s Lewis & Clark Caverns picture is actually a fitting photo for ‘Take a Hike Day’ too! There was a great amount of walking involved to reach the caverns and then lots of walking and stooping inside. I was really worried about going in the caverns because I’m a bit claustrophobic, however, there was so much to see and focus on that it didn’t bother me. The girls had a great time, and it was a perfect stop on our road trip from Seattle to Missouri.

Are any of you hikers? Will any of you plan a hike this weekend to celebrate ‘Take a Hike Day’?

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