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Throwback Thursday Travel Style
Happy Thursday everyone! Today is evidently Johnny Appleseed Day, but I don’t have any great photos to represent Johnny Appleseed…Perhaps if we had some great photos from the east coast where Johnny Appleseed introduced the apple tree. Does anyone know if you can visit a apple tree in recognition of Johnny Appleseed?

Well, here is a fun Throwback Thursday Travel Style photo for you to ponder. It’s a pretty popular tourist attraction so perhaps someone will know where in the world we are. Any guessers?

Throwback Travel Thursday Talk Like a Pirate Day Disneyland Peter Pan RideLast Thursday was Talk Like a Pirate Day and I found a picture to celebrate that day. Was anyone able to come up with where we were? It was at Disneyland! More specifically it was our first ever ride on Peter Pan for all of us. Peter Pan is one of the classic rides at Disneyland. Perhaps the next time we go I’ll make the family talk like a pirate while waiting in line… :)

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