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Throwback Thursday Travel Jane Austen House

I’ve got another fun Throwback Thursday photo for you this week. My favorite author is Jane Austen, most notably because of Pride and Prejudice. My first overseas trip was with my husband to England in 2002. I knew visiting the Jane Austen House & Museum was a must for my trip to England. In honor of “Talk Like Jane Austen Day” which will be on October 30th, I’m posting some photos from my visit.

We visited the Jane Austen house in Chawton, Alton, Hampshire England where Jane spent eight years of her life. In this home she revised Pride and PrejudiceSense and Sensibility & Northanger Abbey, and wrote Mansfield ParkEmma, and Persuasion. If you’re a Jane Austen fan, I recommend you look at the Jane Austen House website for some more great information and photos of Jane Austen’s House.

Throwback Thursday Travel for Talk Like Jane Austen Day - a visit to Jane Austen's House in Chawton England
Throwback Thursday One Year Anniversary The Pin Junkie Blogiversary Link Party BlogiversaryLast week I took part in co-hosting the one year Blogiversary Link Party for The Pin Junkie. I shared a photo from my own one year anniversary. It was taken in Whistler British Columbia, where we enjoyed a summer time visit. There was still snow up high on the mountain when we took the Whistler Blackcomb gondola for some sight seeing.



I enjoyed co-hosting Bonnie’s link party and wanted to share some of the fun favorites I had from the party.

Easy Burlap Frame Photo Mat by This Little House of Mine

Up first is the great Easy Burlap Frame Photo Mat posted by Whitney at This Little House of Mine. I LOVE taking photos during our travels and this seems like a great way to showcase some of your favorite vacation pictures. The white IKEA frames she used are a perfect complement to the burlap and black & white photo.




Is This Panama? A Migration Story at Stacking Books

My other favorite is a merge of my love of books (Jane Austen anyone??…) and my love of travel. Stacking Books shared a post about a kid’s book called Is This Panama? A Migration Story. It has great illustrations and is a cute lesson in migration and geography.

I would love to know if any of you are Jane Austen fans. If so, what’s your favorite book?

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  1. Reshama says

    Kim, Those are great photographs.I would love to visit the house Jane Austen lived in one day! But for now I will have to do with looking at website :) Thanks for providing the useful link.
    On another note I really like the way the Burlap frame has shaped up. I love taking vacation pictures, but very lazy about printing them out :)
    Thanks for featuring my book review on your website. Is This Panama is a great read for kids of ALL ages.
    I have to vote Pride and Prejudice as my favorite Jane Austen novel. I absolutely fell in love with the characters. And yes watching the BBC mini-series a long time back right afterwords just solidified my love for her book :)
    Its lovely to meet you here.. I am stopping by your FB page so we can stay connected.
    -Reshama @ Stackingbooks

    • Kim says

      Hi Reshama! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I, too, love the BBC Pride and Prejudice mini-series. I also love any and all of the other movies made from this book. The characters are so well-written, and it’s fun seeing the actors representing (or trying to) their personalities. Maybe one day you’ll make a trip to England and get to visit Jane’s home!

  2. Whitney says

    Hi, Kim! Having trouble leaving a comment (I’m getting a server error), so sorry if I post twice! Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for sharing my burlap frame mat! Your blog is so fun. So cool that you’ve gotten to travel to so many beautiful places! Take care! :)

    – Whitney @ This Little House of Mine

    • Kim says

      Hi Whitney, thanks for stopping by! Loved the burlap frame and I’m adding it to my craft list. We’ve been having some buggy server errors and I contacted our host provider, but it’s a big deal I guess. We can’t find what’s making it happen which is a huge bummer! Glad you kept trying and managed to leave a comment!

  3. Jenn Rian says

    Oh, I would LOVE to visit the Jane Austen House…how cool! I’ve never really been out of the country, unless you count Canada. There are so many cool places to see!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog today. I hope the creepy Halloween costumes didn’t give you nightmares ;)

    • Kim says

      Thanks for popping over Jenn! Traveling is so much fun, I hope you get to take an international trip soon. No nightmares thankfully! :)

  4. Tami says

    That is so awesome! The pictures are fabulous. Isn’t it amazing to think that you are possibly standing in the same spot Jane Austen stood?

    Visiting from the #SITSSharefest :)
    Have an awesome weekend!
    Tami Marie

    • Kim says

      It was pretty awesome! There is a table in the house where they think Jane would have written & I had chills when I saw it! Thanks for visiting, Tami.

  5. KG says

    I’m so jealous. I would love to visit Jane Austen’s home. Especially since I love anything English. I will definitely check out her website.

    Do you have a favorite movie version of Pride and Prejudice?

    Visiting from #SITSSHAREFEST

    Keep it Touched,

    • Kim says

      Hi KG, I actually love all the films I’ve seen. I fell in love with the BBC version, but also loved the recent Keira Knightly version. The 1940 one is also fabulous and I think it’s funny to see how they all adapt the story a little differently. There’s a big difference in part of the ending in the 1940 Greer Garson film. The 1980 BBC version is okay, and I wouldn’t change the channel if it was on, but it’s not a favorite. I also really liked the bollywood Bride and Prejudice take on the story. What about you?

      • KG says

        The Keira Knightly is definitely my favorite!
        But I Can tolerate the BBC one too and I’ve never seen the Bollywood one.
        It’s been so long since I’ve seen the 40’s version one. Should try and find it so I can watch it again!

  6. Kelly Hatcher says

    HI, Yes I am a Jane Austen fan. This past September, I too went to visit Jane Austen’s home and museum. There was an immense amount to read and learn while I was there. The gentleman whom I first met on entering the house, was a descendant of Jane’s. He was very informative and wonderful to give his time to speak with us. Thanks for the printables about packing. They are going to be a great help with my kids and our travels.

    • Kim says

      So great to hear from you Kelly! I think that was the same guy who was there when we went, because I remember the man we talked to in the little book shop discussed being a descendant. Did you get chills when you walked through the house? It was such a great experience! Thanks for stopping by.

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