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Throwback Thursday Travel: Go for a Ride Day

Another Thursday is here! One of the great things about this Throwback Thursday Travel series is going through lots of our vacation photos. Taking photos during vacation is very important to me. Looking back at the photos can help me remember feelings, experiences, and thoughts from that trip.

Tomorrow is Go for a Ride Day. Just one of those funny “holidays”. The idea is for you to just get up & go for a ride! Anyway you want. I’m sharing a recent photo of our family getting ready to head out for a road trip. We’ve been traveling with our girls for so long, that they are quite used to being stuck in the car for long periods of time. They actually love road trips! Probably because I’m a little more relaxed about sweets and screen time during road trips. :)

Go for a Ride Day Throwback Thursday Travel photo

What about you? Do you like roadtrips? What’s your favorite way to travel? Car, boat, plane, train, horse, bike??

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