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Technology Insight with Sprint and HTC One M8

Let me share a little secret with you guys…

I love technology! Gadgets and gizmos galore are my favorite toys. Whether I’m reading an ebook, checking in on social media, or browsing the internet, my phone and iPad are never far away.

It’s because of this love for technology that I was ecstatic when I was chosen to be a part of the Sprint Ambassador program here in Seattle [I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf Influence Central for Sprint. I received sample devices to facilitate this review #SprintMom #MC #sponsored]. I’m also an AT&T customer, so having the opportunity to test another cell network’s coverage was a big appeal for me.

Sprint DisclosureMy technology experience kicked off with a field trip to a local sprint cellular tower. There we met with John Saw, who is the Chief Network Officer for Sprint. He took us behind the gates and gave us an up close and personal look at how a cellular tower site is laid out and how Sprint is upgrading their technology to be greener and smarter.

Cellular Tower

Cellular Service Tower

Sprint Cell Tower Site Tour

Sprint Cell Tower Site Tour

One of the many new things I learned was that most cellular carriers lease the tower space from another company. When compared to the AT&T footprint, the new Sprint technology takes up much less room. Dr. Saw explained that since they’ve upgraded their technology they’re using newer and more efficient designs, thus being greener, as well as leasing less space which lowers their overhead and allows them to offer competitive pricing. Based on what he said it’s been an extreme investment, but it was amazing seeing first hand how much less space the newer technology takes up and how it can allow them to offer better coverage to their customers.

John Saw, Chief Network Officer for Sprint

John Saw, Chief Network Officer for Sprint

Cell Tower Technology

A look inside Sprint Cellular Network Technology

John Saw Sprint Cell Tower Unit

John Saw, Chief Network Officer for Sprint explaining the technology of a Sprint Cellular Tower Site

This new technology also provides faster speeds and higher capabilities. Dr. Saw mentioned that they’re currently implementing the technology to bring LTE Advanced to all their cellular network sites. You can definitely see how Sprint is working to earn the moniker of “America’s Newest Network” by replacing their technology from the ground up.

Now let’s talk about the gadgety goodness, the HTC One M8! My current phone is an iPhone 5 so the HTC One was definitely bigger than I was used to. However, the size didn’t seem to be an issue as I could still hold it easily and had no issue reaching all points on the screen. And, it is certainly nice for watching videos! The biggest change was getting used to the android operating system vs the iOS that I’m used to.



I really love how the HTC One has a home screen that is a responsive feed. Especially as a blogger it’s nice to have your favorite social media networks at your fingertips as opposed to opening each app like I have to do on my iPhone. The weather feature is also very nice and I like how the sunrise and sunset are listed with the weather info.

Screenshot HTC One

Screenshot of HTC One

Next I wanted to compare and look at what kind of service coverage I would get with the Sprint service. I actually noticed no difference in coverage with the Sprint HTC One compared to what I have with my AT&T iPhone. I had no dropped calls when using the HTC One and my coverage bars always seemed to match what I was showing on my iPhone.

The HTC One camera is very nice and I was really impressed with the color and quality of the photos. There seems to be a bit more of an action delay in taking the photo compared to my iPhone, but it wasn’t a significant issue. I was surprised by the difference in image size. The HTC One image that I copied off my phone was 1520 x 2688, compared to the 2346 x 3128 image I pulled from my iPhone. The HTC One image was smaller and longer, but the clarity and color was very nice. Here are the two photos, please note I did have a slightly different angle with each photo.

Salad Photo taken with HTC One (original 1520x2688)

Salad Photo taken with HTC One (original 1520 x 2688)

Salad Photo taken with iPhone 5 (original 2346 x 3128)

Salad Photo taken with iPhone 5 (original 2346 x 3128)

The final note I want to make is about watching multimedia on the HTC One. The HTC One blows away the iPhone 5 for watching videos! The HTC One has speakers on both the top and bottom of the screen and my husband and I both felt it provided much better sound for videos. If you use an iPhone I’m sure you’re well aware of the hand cup method of amplifying the sound from the speaker on the bottom of the phone towards your ears while watching videos. Not so with the HTC One, the dual speakers are pointed towards your face, hence your ears, as well as providing more realistic stereo sound for your videos.

Well, that’s it for my recap of my cell tower site tour and the HTC One. You can follow Sprint on facebook and twitter to keep up to date on what they’re doing to become “America’s Newest Network”. One additional tip which the Sprint sales rep at the tour gave me was to take┬ámy current cell phone bill into a Sprint store to discuss what service plan they had to match my current plan and what the price would be. I know they have an amazing family plan offer right now so I want to see how that compares to what I have currently with AT&T.

I’d love to know what kind of phone you’re currently using, please comment below and tell me!

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