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What to Do When Your Child Gets Sick on Vacation

Thanks to Allianz Travel Insurance for sponsoring this post, providing travel coverage for the unexpected. Stuffed Suitcase received financial compensation from Allianz Global Assistance (AGA Service Company). Imagine planning the perfect Disneyland vacation. You're on day two of the trip, waiting ... READ the POST

Helpful Holiday Travel Tips

‘Tis the season for holiday travel. Many of us travel for fun or to visit family during Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. I wanted to share with you some of my top holiday travel tips to help your family if you’re traveling, whether by air or car. AIR HOLIDAY TRAVEL TIPS Check-in Early Go ... READ the POST

Kids Travel Bag Activities to Pack for Vacation

After quite a few trips with my kids, I've learned the value of a well-packed kids travel bag. Whether you're traveling by plane, car, boat, or train, your kids are going to get bored. It's worth a bit of extra time and consideration to pack them activities that will keep them entertained, and ... READ the POST

15 Easy to Pack Games for Any Family Trip :: A to Z Packing Tips Series

Today's A to Z packing tips post is excellent! I'm so happy to have Kirsten here to share for the letter G, 15 Easy to Pack Games for Any Family Trip. Kirsten writes at Kids Are A Trip where she shares her family’s travel adventures and tips including the challenges of traveling with a child with ... READ the POST

Lately Lily: The Adventures of a Travelling Girl

Are you a traveling family, or do you have a trip coming up soon with your kids? You can probably tell from my recent posts and my blog that our family loves reading and we love to travel. Lately Lily is a series that is perfect for your kids who love to travel or are getting ready to travel. And, ... READ the POST

12 Things to do to Prepare Your Home for Vacation

One of the important parts of heading out on a trip is preparing your home for vacation. Of course, the best thing to do would be to hire a house-sitter to stay at your home while you're gone. In my college days, I made quite a nice side income watching houses and pets for people when they were ... READ the POST

5 Things to do on Vacation to Engage with Your Kids

Let’s say you’ve planned the perfect vacation. You booked the best options for your vacation budget, nothing was forgotten at home, and you’re looking forward to the experiences lying ahead. But, there’s a good chance you’ll have some sort of downtime where your kids might start crying, “I’m bored”. ... READ the POST

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