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The Extras to Add to Your Family Cruise Packing List

Ready to head on a cruise? Here are some must-pack items to add to your cruise packing list! Now that I've finally completed my commentary regarding our family Caribbean cruise aboard the Norwegian Cruise Line ship, Norwegian Pearl, I wanted to share some tips for when you next pack for a cruise. ... READ the POST

Be a Runner! Fusing Fitness with Technology for a Smarter Workout

You might have read about my recent trip to Walt Disney World to complete the Dopey Challenge. The challenge required me to run 48.6 miles over 4 consecutive days. And I did it! Running is something I've grown to appreciate; it keeps me healthy, gets me outdoors, and is a joint hobby with my spouse. ... READ the POST

Wondering When to Buy Plane Tickets? My Favorite Ways to Research Flights

You've read all the reasons why travel is good for you, and you've decided it's time to take a vacation. After comparing whether to fly or drive, you've chosen to fly. Now you just need to decide when to buy plane tickets. Here are some tips that help me when researching an buying airfare. 1) ... READ the POST

12 Things to do to Prepare Your Home for Vacation

One of the important parts of heading out on a trip is preparing your home for vacation. Of course, the best thing to do would be to hire a house-sitter to stay at your home while you're gone. In my college days, I made quite a nice side income watching houses and pets for people when they were ... READ the POST

6 Tips for How to Organize Photos

It can be a pain to organize your photos. If you’re like me, you have several digital cameras and smartphones in your household – plus even the kids’ have devices that take photos. On top of it, you have multiple desktop computers, laptops, and tablets with collections of photos you’ve accumulated ... READ the POST

Life Lesson: Expired Passports & Being Spontaneous

Recently we had tickets to fly to Canada to visit family. We’ve all flown there before and all have US passports. However, when my husband went to check us in for the flight the day before departure, Faith couldn’t be checked in due to an expired passport. Did you know that passports for children 15 ... READ the POST

Taking Kids Out of School for Vacation?

Today is a beautiful day in Seattle. We're looking at having a full week of glorious sunny days and warm temps. Anyone familiar with Seattle (even the Pacific Northwest) knows that this is a rare event. Late spring, summer, and early fall bring beautiful weather to this part of the country. However, ... READ the POST

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