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What Before School Breakfast Looks Like at Our Home

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One of my special childhood memories has to do with my school breakfast routine. Most mornings I would wake up and find my dad sitting at our kitchen table with a bowl and spoon at the ready. I’d wake up and pour myself whatever cereal I felt like for that morning topped with a generous pour of milk, and proceed to eat while he sipped coffee from his blue mug.

Breakfast Cereal with Milk

My father passed away when I was in high school and those special mornings with him are memories I cherish. We didn’t discuss much, I honestly can’t remember a single conversation. But just being together during those moments were memorable and important to me.

WA-AP-LOGONow that my kids are in school, breakfast cereal and milk again play an important role in my life. It’s kind of sweet because my husband often gets up and gets the girls their cereal while I’m packing school lunches. Those mornings are the first moments we have to set the tone for our girls’ days.

Enjoying Morning Cereal with Milk

It’s important for me to help my girls get ready in the mornings so we’re not frantically getting ready and rushing out the door. Cereal with milk is a super quick breakfast that fills the girls’ bellies and provides nutrition to help fuel their mornings at school. It’s also convenient that you can have a few cereal choices in the cupboard so breakfast isn’t the same old thing every morning. The girls also enjoy eating oatmeal with milk in the mornings and that’s another quick and easy meal that helps us get ready and out the door.

Pouring Milk for breakfast

We spend many mornings of using milk, and many afternoon or late night cups of milk or bowls of cereal, so we find ourselves going through a lot of milk. Ever have that moment when you’ve poured a bowl of cereal and discovered you were out of milk? Well, we did experience that many times so we signed up for home milk delivery and we love it! I never would have imagined that home milk delivery was still a thing. I especially love that our milk is from local dairy farmers and free of hormones.

porch milk box

It’s so neat to me that a memory I had with my dad is replaying itself in my own children’s lives. Cereal and milk is a classic staple for many breakfast meals, and I’m sure many others share the same morning routines.

Pouring Milk over Cereal

Do you love milk as much as our family? What’s your favorite way to enjoy milk, with cereal, cookies, a warm glass before bed? I’d love to hear how you enjoy using milk or about what breakfast is like at your home. Please comment and share below!

Sometimes less really is more. When you choose natural milk, you’re getting nine essential nutrients packed into a few natural ingredients. To learn more about what Washington dairy families are doing to keep your milk pure, fresh and local, visit You can also follow along at Facebook at

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