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If you’ve been on any road trip you’ll know that there are a few essentials that can help prepare you for discomfort along the way. Sticky fingers, runny noses, chapped lips, and spills can all make your road trip one of agony instead of joy. Stock your road trip essentials kit with the Ology product line designed with social responsibility in mind. There are Walgreens stores across the nation, so these Ology products are easy to find.

Road Trip Essentials Supply Kit | travel tip

Traveling on a road trip has the perk of being able to see the beauty of nature. For those of us in the pacific northwest, that includes amazing trees. The Ology product line is 100% tree free and made from renewable sugar cane and bamboo. Those resources grow faster than a tree, and are a great alternative to help keep our land beautiful and support our nation’s tree supply. One other aspect that I love about road trips are the animals that you can see along the way. Ology products are not tested on animals and contain no animal by products.

Ology Products from Walgreens for Road Trip Essentials Kit

If you’re also hoping to keep harmful chemicals out of your car while traveling, the Ology products are a perfect fit. They don’t contain toxic chemical and have no dyes or artificial fragrances. I certainly want to keep my kids healthy, and avoiding harmful chemicals and dyes while traveling sounds great to me.

Road Trip Essentials:

  • Paper Towels – spills can happen
  • Toilet Paper – just in case you need to make a emergency stop on the way
  • Facial Tissue – sniff sniff, snot snot
  • Moist Wipes – sticky hands are probable
  • Odor Eliminator – spilled ice cream, dirty shoes, stinky car – no thank you
  • Facial Towelettes – your face can get greasy and blah feeling after a long drive
  • Lip Balm – dry lips are no fun
  • Dental Floss – driving with something stuck between your teeth – ack!
  • Lotion – dry skin is no fun for anyone
  • Hand Sanitizer – great for a quick clean before digging into a yummy snack
  • Lens Cloth – if you wear glasses, make sure to pack one

Once you’ve created your road trip essential kit, you’re ready to hit the open road! You should try to keep the kit nearby in easy reach, perhaps near the food when you pack your car for a road trip.

Road Trips Essentials - What to Pack for a Roadtrip |

Be sure to visit your local Walgreens store to check out the Ology product and keep harmful chemicals out of your car on your next road trip.

Find Ology Products at Walgreens Stores

And once you get back home, their other household products can help you keep a healthy child, healthy world (and tackle all that laundry from your trip!)

Ology Products at Walgreens - healthy child healthy world 720

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    • Kimberly says

      Hi Kelly, so glad you liked the post. We had a spilled ice cream cone once and let me tell you, the return home trip was not pleasant! Really wished we had the Ology Odor Eliminator then.

  1. Kim Croisant says

    I love your road trip tips here. Definitely going to pack these for our trip in May.
    I’m also going to use your post here in my Road Trip Essentials Round Up. Thanks!!
    Your SoFab Friend,

  2. Jennifer Long says

    I am going on a trip in a few months and I seen this. Of course what did I do, went to Walgreens and bought all of the items. I love the ology products, but of course you can always use something else. The only thing they don’t have in the ology products is the hand sanitizer. :(

  3. Travelgal says

    I have a Travelon Anti-theft react small cross-body bag that I plan to use on our cross-country move since we will be on the road for many days and be stopping at a lot of rest stops. One thing I noticed from my many many cross country travels is that a lot of rest stops, while nice, lack the basic needs that I am used to or are not as clean as I had hoped. I plan to use that cross-body bag as basically a “rest stop” bag for toting things I consider a necessity. For instance, most rest stops do not have paper towels, they have those blower hand dryers (which do not work well) so I picked up a camper’s microfiber towel that folds and compacts itself into a tiny zip bag, that way I can whip it out and dry my hands properly. I have a small “camping” roll of toilet paper which is very compact and fits in the bag, and I also have a tiny container of “soap sheets” in case they have no soap (Some stops don’t!), the usual female supplies (I also recommend a quart zip lock bag and a change of underwear if you are expecting your period, if you end up soiling your undies you need some place to store them without getting messy!), I also have some flush-able toilet seat covers for dirty bathrooms, some wet wipes of course, and a small travel deodorant (Just in case I get sweaty and need a quick freshen-up). I think making a kit like this will be the best thing you ever did for a trip ;) Trust me, there is nothing worse than going into a dirty bathroom with no toilet paper, soap or towels available!

    • Kimberly says

      Those are great tips! We’re always sure to have sanitizer and toilet paper, but your ideas and tips are great because you’re right, those rest stops aren’t always clean and stocked. :)

  4. Mindy says

    Hi Kimberly!

    I’ve never heard of the Ology line of products and find it hard to get my hands on greener alternatives where I live. I’ve used Mrs. Meyer’s and 7th Generation products but supply is limited. I’m going to check out my local Walgreens to see if they carry this line & them out for certain!

    • Kimberly says

      Great Mindy – thanks for sharing. I love Mrs. Meyers & seventh generation too. I was just at Walgreens the other day and noticed they still had the Ology line in the beauty aisle I was in! This collaboration was a while ago, so I’m not sure on how current their line looks at this time. :)

  5. wondergirl says

    im going on a long train journey to Southampton and the toiletries essentials are really helpful and clear to make sure i have the right things for any incidents/problems.thanks for helping me out.
    thank you!!!!!!!

  6. Debora says

    Great suggestions. I road travel often too and I found that we needed disinfecting wipes for cleaning public toilet seats before using them. They can be purchased in small travel size now.


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