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What to Expect: My Princess Alaska Cruise Review from Seattle

We’ve just set sail and I’m typing this while onboard my very first Princess Cruise. I’ve been on many other Alaska cruises so I’m writing this guide for you about my Princess Alaska cruise to help you know what you can expect.

What’s Included in this post:

  • Tips for Sailing from Seattle
  • Onboarding & My Room
  • Premier Package & Specialty Dining Reviews (including Caymus Winemakers & 360)
  • My Shore Excursion Recaps from Juneau, Skagway, and Ketchikan
discovery princess cruise ship in skagway alaska port

Our Itinerary – Discovery Princess (June 2024)

  • Seattle
  • At Sea
  • Juneau
  • Skagway
  • Glacier Bay
  • Ketchikan
  • Victoria, BC
  • Seattle

Sailing from Seattle

seattle skyline from ferry wheel and space needle

We’re local to Seattle, and so just drove down to Pier 91 to board the Discovery Princess. Our boarding time was 10:30 am to 2:00 pm. All passengers needed to be onboard by 2:00 pm for a 3:00 pm departure. If you’re a non-local, here are a few things to note about sailing Princess from Seattle.

  • Pier 91 is about 3 miles north of the downtown Seattle corridor. So, if you’re planning to visit the city beforehand, you’ll need to use rideshare, taxi, or shuttle to get to the cruise port from the main tourist area downtown. It’ll take you about 10-15 minutes to travel by car from downtown to Pier 91.
  • If you want to stay a day beforehand to tour the city, my favorite downtown hotels near popular attractions are the Thompson Hotel, Inn at the Market, and Four Seasons Seattle. The Westin Seattle and Motif Seattle might be slightly more price friendly and are close to the monorail, but further from Pike Place Market and the waterfront. The monorail can take you from downtown to the Seattle Center district where the Space Needle and other popular attractions are located.

Onboarding with Princess

When we arrived at Pier 91, we were able to be dropped off right by the cruise ships. There were two ships in port, a Holland America Line ship and our Discovery Princess cruise ship. There were bag tags available for those who hadn’t printed them in advance and a long line for bag drop and check-in.

There was a separate, shorter, line for those with no bag drop who were carrying on their bags (which we did). Although the bag drop check-in line was extremely long, it seemed to be moving quickly. It can be chilly and windy waiting outdoors for the bag drop line to move indoors, so be sure to have a jacket handy.

From the time of drop off until we were onboard was probably only 40 minutes when we boarded around noon. Everything moved extremely smoothly. We had checked in via the app in advance and so simply scanned our check-in app QR code and showed our passport at the first step.

princess cruises medallion on lanyard

Next, we had to go to the blue lane to get our Princess Medallions since we missed the shipping date. I HIGHLY recommend you download the app and check-in as soon as you’re able (at least more than 14 days before) and have your medallion shipped to you to save time.

Plus, you have the opportunity to personalize your medallion with special occasions and celebrations and preorder medallion accessories if you want. If you check-in early enough you can skip the blue lane and go to the green lane which had no line and was simply an ID and photo check point before heading on the ship.

Since we had missed the medallion shipping date, we went to the blue lane, which honestly moved extremely quickly and so it wasn’t a huge issue. We had our passports checked again and received our medallions which had our names and sailing date listed on them, which was very nice. The whole process was smooth and moved quickly. Getting 4000 passengers onboard a ship at a single point of entry could be a logistical nightmare but we were very impressed with how smoothly it all went.

We got onboard and headed to our room which was actually ready! They say that rooms aren’t guaranteed ready until 1 pm, but ours was. So we dropped our bags and headed to the buffet to get a little bite to eat. If you don’t want to eat at the buffet, make sure you board early and can make it to the restaurant before 1 pm.

Day 1 is a busy day! We had to confirm and make dining reservations and soon we were setting sail with a windy music sail away party happening on decks 16 & 17 at the pool. I also highly recommend if you want to enjoy the private Sanctuary retreat space (added cost) make sure to go book that on day 1.

Our Balcony Stateroom L129

balcony stateroom L129 Discovery Princess Cruises

Since I was hosted on this cruise, I didn’t choose our cabin, it was simply assigned to us. We were booked in a Category BF – Balcony Stateroom (Guarantee) and were assigned a room on deck 16, the Lido deck, towards the front of the ship. Since I’ve never sailed Princess, I wasn’t sure what to expect from our room; a balcony stateroom number L129.

Initial impressions: I was shocked we didn’t have a sitting/couch area in our balcony stateroom. Our room is simply a queen bed with a desk, one chair, and a mini-fridge cabinet. We did have a very spacious open closet space that is right next to the bathroom. The bathroom doesn’t have an enclosed shower, which is a first for me on a cruise ship.

bathroom in balcony stateroom on Discovery Princess cruise ship

Space wise, it’s fine for two people, however I miss having a couch and sitting area. The closet had ample hangers which I appreciated and there is a small shelf cabinet in the closet that worked well for my packing cubes. I unpacked, hung some items, left others in my packing cubes, then simply slid my suitcase under the bed.

The bathroom seemed small compared to what I recall from other cruises. I have a slender build and felt I had to keep the bathroom door open when drying off and getting ready simply to have room to move and breathe.

I was worried about being on the busy Lido deck 16, the same deck as the pool and buffet. However, the forward rooms on these decks are nicely separated and due to the fact that there is no forward stairs or elevators in front of the rooms, it hasn’t been an issue with excessive noise and foot traffic.

Personally, I’d avoid the L301 and L302 rooms in this section near the elevators as there is a lot of activity in this area. Also it’s worth noting that deck 17 overhung our deck, so many of my photos looking out from our balcony do show a white floor above us. You can see this in the image with my conclusion paragraph at the end of this post.

Being on the right (starboard) side of the ship was fine most of the time, however, in Glacier Bay we did hear the park ranger mentioning the left (port) side to see some of the sights. The ship does turn and pass all the spots again, you just don’t have the ranger audio commentary.

Thankfully when you reach the end of Glacier Bay and view Margerie Glacier, the ship spins a few times so that both sides of the ship can see the famous glacier.

The Discovery Princess Ship

atrium of discovery princess cruise ship

I was a bit surprised to discover that this ship can carry about 4300 guests, for our sailing I was told it was at 4003 guests, which seems like a lot! The ship was built in 2022, and still feels nice and new.

The layout of the ship is a little odd and not as free flowing as I’m used to on other ships. You’ll occasionally find elevators hidden behind walls and getting to a restaurant on the back of deck 5 means you have to go up to deck 6 to cross to it as you can’t cut through another restaurant on deck 5. It just wasn’t as free flowing and easy to orient myself as I’ve experienced before.

Discovery Princess does have a great three floor midship atrium where you’ll find shopping, bars, and dining. Plus, this open area is where many of the entertainment competitions and mini-shows take place. There is some seating on all levels around this space and many people would stand at the overlooking edges on decks 6 and 7 to watch the performances happening on deck 5.

One of my favorite spaces I discovered is the Retreat and Sanctuary on decks 17 and 18. The retreat is an adults-only pool, two hot tubs, and lounge space. This leads to the Sanctuary space which is a paid for private lounge deck with glass viewing over the front of the ship.

discovery princess sanctuary

You have to reserve access to the sanctuary in advance for $20 for half a day and $40 for the full day, or rent a cabana with a tv and mini-fridge for a varying price. When we asked if we could book a day they were already sold out. So, if you think you’ll want some lounge time in a quiet area with a view, book a spot in the Sanctuary right when you board.

Princess is soon debuting a Sanctuary Collection package that will be included with some upgraded stateroom fares. It will launch on the Sun and Star Princess ships in Fall 2025.

Our Premier Package

reserved seating for princess premier guests

We did have the Princess Premier Package (an added $80 per day per guest) as part of our booking which includes a few extra amenities:

  • WiFi 4 devices per guest – text, share, stream and video chat with the best Wi-Fi at sea
  • Premium Drinks, Bottled Water, Specialty Coffee, and Juice Bar – Top-shelf spirits and craft cocktails up to $20 each, in addition to what’s included with Princess Plus
  • Pre-paid crew appreciation (tips) – this is included in Plus packages as well
  • Professional photos included – unlimited downloads and three printed images
  • 2 Specialty meals included (per sailing) – dine at one of three specialty restaurants on the Discovery; Crown Grill (steak & seafood), Catch by Rudi (seafood), Sabatini’s (italian).
  • Unlimited dining at casual restaurants: Gigi’s Pizzaria, Ocean Terrace Sushi Bar, Salty Dog Gastro Pub, Gelato
  • Unlimited premium desserts at Gelateria, Swirls or Coffee and Cones
  • OceanNow® (delivery anywhere onboard) fee waived – order drinks and food on the app and it will find you anywhere on board
  • Unlimited Room Service
  • Unlimited Fitness Classes: Classes by Xpotential: Pure Barre, Yoga Six and Stretch Lab
  • Reserved Theater Seating (we really LOVED this perk!)
  • Princess Prizes – during casino hours, win prizes like wine tasting, onboard credit and more (we didn’t really understand or experience this perk)
  • Blue Medallion Clip On

Having the Premier package truly gives you more of an all-inclusive feel. You’re allowed to eat and order whatever you want at the extra dining spots. You have access to the top label alcoholic drinks, for example I could order a $19 glass of Pinot Noir where the Plus package was limited to a $15 glass.

My husband and I are both heavy internet users and thought the Princess WiFi was truly the best we’ve ever experienced. We could facetime with our kids and even streamed a couple of hockey games while onboard! I was easily able to download shows from my streaming accounts as well.

And we loved the reserved theater seating since some people would show up an hour before showtime to start getting good seats!


main dining fried chicken dish on discovery princess

There are three main restaurants onboard, Juneau, Ketchikan, and Skagway that are open for dinner; and for our cruise, Ketchikan was open for breakfast and lunch as well. In addition to those there is a World Market buffet, Salty Dog Pub, and Gigi’s Pizzaria. 

fish at catch by rudi on discovery princess

Discovery Princess has added fee restaurants as well if you want a smaller, upscale dining experience. There is the Crown Grill steakhouse, Catch by Rudi seafood, and Sabatini’s Italian Trattoria. We also had the chance to experience two limited dining experiences, The Caymus Winemaker’s Dinner and 360 Dining Experience 7-course tasting.

I’ll be honest that we found the food in the main restaurants pretty standard for a large cruise ship. Everything was good, but not extraordinary. We enjoyed the meals but felt they were a little under-seasoned and the fish was repeatedly overcooked.

However, the specialty dining restaurants were a better experience. Which makes sense as the main dining rooms need to feed around 4000 guests and the specialty restaurants are only feeding a small seating of maybe 20 tables during the night. I’ll say that the 360 dinner was one of the absolute best experiences I’ve ever had onboard a ship, and I highly recommend you splurge on it if you enjoy experiential dining experiences.

The Caymus Winemaker’s Dinner

I was told in advance to request the winemaker’s dinner experience and so I did on day 1. It isn’t a set scheduled event, so we had to wait to be told when our dining experience would happen. There was no publicity about this meal while onboard. It seems to be arranged by request or offered to guests who speak with the sommelier and show an interest in wine. I was told that it typically happens twice per cruise.

You’ll meet in the atrium and be escorted to a private table inside one of the main restaurants. For our seating we had 10 guests, which were 5 couples. We had a host and sommelier for the night and we ate and drank through 6 courses. The couples chatted during the meal and the sommelier shared information about the Caymus family of wines and their history.

The food was tasty and very unique; it was a great break from the standard main dining experience and the wine pours were generous and truly paired well with each dish. I’ll mention that the ship also did an AMAZING job accommodating Paul’s pescatarian diet and my sensitivity to mushrooms, including creating different plates for each of us at this meal when the dish included meat or mushrooms.

If you’re a person who enjoys private dining experiences and wine, this would be an excellent splurge for the cruise – just make sure to talk to the dining team on day 1 to arrange.

360: An Extraordinary Experience

If you only want to splurge on one upgraded dining experience while sailing with Princess, 360 is the one I would recommend. Beyond the food being wonderful, the whole evening was unique and truly experiential.

You’ll meet in the atrium where you’ll be served a cocktail and have a photo taken against the 360 Princess Cruises backdrop, then you’re led into the back kitchen area of Catch by Rudi to a hidden room with a circular table that seats 20 guests.

The evening starts with a host greeting you and starting the story by grabbing a journal from the wall. Then Brooke Shields takes you on a travel journey around Europe tasting and drinking through a 7-course meal.

The lighting and table effects, the private servers for each couple, the energetic host, and the amazing makers storytelling videos immerse you in the food and drink you’ll consume. We loved it and so did the couples sitting around us!

Entertainment & Shows

There are a lot of activities happening on the ship to engage guests. Each day you’ll check the app or the daily sheet left the night before to find out times of activities. Paul and I were both surprised at how it seemed there were quite a few announcements made over the speakers through the day about events and activities.

There were maybe three a day? Compared to Norwegian where it seems there’s only one a day, it’s something to keep in mind if that’s something you want or don’t. The announcements do not get broadcast in your rooms.

Some of the events were things like egg dropping contests, paper plane flying challenge, music trivia, group workouts, art auctions, bingo, as well as skin and shopping events each day at the spa and shops.

The main theater had a show each night that featured two stage shows during the week and the other nights were acts like comedians, singers, and magicians.

The bars all had live music each evening, with the same performers each night but with different set lists. We felt the first stage show we attended was pretty good, not Broadway level but definitely enjoyable. The reserved seating for Premier guests was a useful perk.

TIP: if you know you want to watch a lot of the main theater shows, make sure you plan your dining accordingly. Paul and I often had dining times around 7 pm, which meant we had to go to the 9:30pm late show (first show is at 7:30 pm) and sometimes we were too tired to go after a busy day out. :)

Paul and I felt like there were a lot of things you could do, although some of the activities seemed to be somewhat aimed at selling you something. But overall, if you’re the type who doesn’t want to hang out in your room and love to pop into things, Princess seems to really try to have some kind of fun activity happening throughout the day.

Lotus Spa & Enclave

enclave entrance in lotus spa discovery princess

After having a few spa services on cruises, I’ve decided it might just not be my thing. I feel that you’re either pushed in and out quickly, which was my facial experience on Princess, or a big chunk of your treatment time is spent trying to upsell you on other services or products, which was my recent facial experience with Holland.

I did get a day pass for the spa Enclave area which is a special water therapy area not included in spa services. I believe the rate is around $49 a day. I’ve tried one of these areas before on the Norwegian Bliss ship, so was looking forward to checking this out.

Enclave has a large center jacuzzi pool with special jet areas around the pool. There are heated tile lounge benches throughout the edges of the space. And there are three heat therapy rooms as well as some water therapy cold/hot showers.

I visited in the late morning one day and didn’t feel the space was overcrowded, but did feel like my two hours was plenty of time. I tried each of the rooms and relaxed on a heated bench to read a few times. The space isn’t overly large so could easily get crowded.

Shore Excursions and Ports of Call

discovery princess cruise ship

I’ve been on quite a few Alaska cruises, as I’ve mentioned, and shore excursions are extremely popular with guests. I recommend booking early! Some popular excursions sell out months in advance. And most shore excursions happen rain or shine, so be prepared to pack accordingly.

One thing to note, if you’re not interested in any of the excursions or activities, the ships become extremely empty during port calls. You’ll find the pools, hot tubs, and restaurants clear and quiet, so keep that in mind if you’re just looking to relax. Of course, you’ll have to count on good weather to get people off the ship and to make you want to spend time in the pool or hot tub. :)

My Juneau Excursion:

Alaska’s Whales & Mendenhall Glacier Trail: Small-Group Experience

The most popular activities in Juneau are seeing Mendenhall Glacier and whale-watching. I’ve done bus transfers to Mendenhall, rented a Jeep to self-tour around the sites, and on this trip I finally did a whale-watching trip.

Our small group tour was two groups of 20 people and we were separated onto small shuttle buses that took us on a drive of about 15 minutes to the port where we boarded a small boat at a marina. There was time to quickly use the bathrooms which were at the marina and do get busy.

The boat had an interior closed cabin with bench seating that just fit all 20 of us. There was a small front and back deck where we could go out when we weren’t moving. Plus the window walls of the interior of the boat could be pulled up and locked into place to allow the whole interior cabin to have open viewing.

We headed out onto the water and after traveling for about 15 minutes we came upon our first pod of humpback whales. There were quite a few of them feeding, and we even had the opportunity to see bubble net feeding, which is pretty rare!

In addition to the many seagulls flying over the feeding whales, we also spotted a bald eagle. I really wished I had my DSLR camera with a strong zoom lens as my iPhone photos just couldn’t capture the amazing details and size of these creatures.

If this is a bucket list trip experience for you, I HIGHLY recommend you bring a good zoom camera. There are point and shoot cameras for reasonable prices that would work well. I’d recommend something with a high optical zoom like the Panasonic FZ80 series or a Canon Powershot like the SX740.

After spending a bit of time with that group of whales, we left again to look for more and passed a group of five Steller Sea Lions hanging out on an ocean buoy. We soon found another group of humpback whales that were feeding and shooting their breathing mists high. We spent another few minutes with this pod and then had to head back to the marina.

Once in the marina, we boarded our shuttle again to go to a bus parking area for Mendenhall where we split into two groups of ten. Our guide led us through a short hike through the woods, sharing some of the local fauna, and we ended up at a beach across from Mendenhall Glacier.

This was the first time I ever viewed the glacier from the vantage as I’ve always visited it from the main visitors entrance and done the hike to the waterfall near the glacier. So, just know that this visit to the glacier is simply a visual stop and not the standard visitor’s center experience.

We headed back to the bus and we passed over a creek that does get salmon running in it, although not this time but we did see them in August 2022. This time we spotted a porcupine high in the trees!

Our bus driver offered to drop us in the main area of Juneau for shopping, but the original drop off point is just slightly down from downtown at the dock. It’s only about a 10 minute walk along the dock. When we cruised on the Norwegian Bliss we docked farther away at the A1 dock which is a mile away from downtown. Our Holland America ships have always ported at the main docks in port.

Our Skagway Excursion

Sip & Summit: White Pass Scenic Rail & Skagway Brewing Company

The most notable excursion in Skagway is the White Pass Scenic Railway. This is a historic train route and even some of the cars and engine are historically important. The purpose was for trade and moving products to the Canadian border. The train only operates during the peak summer season, so be sure you check the dates if you’re traveling in the shoulder season.

For our excursion it included more than just the train, and we started our day meeting in a parking lot after tendering to shore from the ship. Recent landslides have made tendering and shuttling mandatory for some larger ships.

A large tour bus soon came to the parking lot and we loaded onto it with guests who seemed to be from another pier – a Holland ship. The bus took us to an overlook viewpoint where we were able to see the town as well as the cruise ships in port. Then we traveled back to town and were dropped off at Skagway Brewing Company in town.

Our group had a private seating area on the patio of the pub and we were all served a flight of beers and a pretzel with beer cheese. The manager came to each of our tables to chat for a few minutes, and there was plenty of time for us to enjoy our beer tasting as well as the chance to shop in their gift shop. One of the big features for this brewery is their Spruce Tip Ale which was their first beer made with Sitka Spruce tree tips which contain vitamin C to help prevent scurvy.

After the brewery we loaded back on the bus and were driven a short distance to a parking lot near the train where we were assigned a train car for our group. We had researched in advance and knew the right side of the car was best; however, the train does turn around at the top and everyone stays in their same seats, so the left side of the car will see the sites coming back down the mountain.

There are about 10 rows of seats, fitting two people in each bench seat on each side. So a train car probably holds about 40 people. There is a bathroom in each car, and there are very small viewing platforms on each side of the train car, which you’re allowed to access if the conductor feel it’s safe. The trip will take about two and a half to three hours.

If you happen to get a clear weather day, this excursion is amazing. The views are unbelievable and you truly appreciate the challenge of mining and trade in this region. I will say that it can be a little unsettling if you’re afraid of heights as you’re often on train tracks right next to gorges; so keep that in mind if you don’t like heights. You’ll be given a route map on the train and it will help you keep track of the main sights along the way.

Glacier Bay National Park

glacier in glacier bay alaska

While not a cruise excursion, I did want to mention our stop in Glacier Bay as it’s one of the main draws for many cruisers. Some cruise ships and itineraries do not go to Glacier Bay since there is a permit limit each year. So if you really to visit this National Park, be sure to pick a cruise itinerary that has Glacier Bay included.

Glacier Bay is typically a one-day special experience. You’ll sail into the bay early in the morning and a couple of National Park Rangers will board the ship at the mouth of the bay. Throughout the day you’ll cruise up the bay to the end and the featured site of Margerie Glacier. The rangers will give audio commentary about sights along the way, and there are typically education events onboard including Junior Ranger badge programs.

Whether the weather will give you a clear blue sky day or a cloudy, rainy mess, is anyone’s guess. Keep in mind that the whole bay is gorgeous and it’s worth spending some time enjoying the views on one of the decks while cruising the bay. This would be a perfect day to reserve time in the Sanctuary.

Our Ketchikan Fishing Excursion

Alaska Fishing & Wilderness Dining – Discovery Exclusive

I actually did this exact excursion with my daughter Mia on our Holland Alaska Cruise, and we loved it so much I knew I had to book it for Paul, too. You’ll meet up on shore with a guide from Baranof Fishing and be led to their pier spot to have your fishing licenses checked or purchased.

With Holland we didn’t have any info to buy a license in advance; however, Princess did a great job having a sheet in our room upon boarding telling us what to do. So when we got to the pier we were able to just print off our licenses, meaning we got onboard a boat quicker.

Our guide took us out to one of his favorite spots to start fishing for rockfish. When I went with Mia in August, we were on a six-person open skift boat, but this time there were five of us on a small boat with a small cabin and back deck for fishing. They’ll loan you boots for the trip, and depending on weather they may give you waders. I can’t recall if they have coats for loan, but I wouldn’t count on it.

We had to chase the rockfish quite a bit this time, whereas when I fished with Mia, we all immediately got two fish each when we dropped our hooks down. So it was kind of fun having two different experiences. We also caught a few different types of rockfish, with Paul catching a tiger rockfish which had to be returned and I caught a fair sized yelloweye rockfish which we kept for lunch!

After we all caught a couple of rockfish, we headed to a different spot to go for salmon. With rockfish, we all were dropping lines into the water, whereas for salmon you’ll troll fish and have to watch rods for bites, then someone has to grab the rod and hope to reel in a fish. Salmon can be tricky and we have had a few pop off the hook when we’d try to reel them in. But in the end we came away with a lovely Pink Salmon to keep while we had to let a King Salmon go since it was too small.

With our fish onboard, we headed to a private island for some lunch. You’ll be brought ashore; keep in mind that you have to hop off the boat into very shallow water to go ashore, so you’ll need to be a little nimble. But they have a step stool and will help you get on and off the boat.

Onshore there is a campfire going and you can help yourself to fireside coffee in pitchers or use hot water to have some hot chocolate. Your guide will clean your fish and hand them off to the chef who will prepare the fish with amazing seasonings and a cioppino tomato soup. Our salmon was prepared with teriyaki sauce on a cedar plank board and it was all tasty. There was also blueberry cobbler for dessert. We finished eating and headed back to our boat to go back to the cruise ship.

Keep in mind, you’ll be fishing and sitting by a campfire; so consider packing a special outfit and/or jacket for this excursion. Or plan on having some laundry done on the ship; perhaps even pack some travel febreeze, hand wipes and sanitizer.

What to Pack for an Alaska Cruise

alaskan cruise packing list

Be sure to read my Alaska Cruise Packing List post which includes a free printable packing list! A few important notes:

  • Pack layers for clothes, weather can vary and wind and rain are a reality just as much as sunny 70 degree days. A good flannel, fleece, puffer, and raincoat could be ideal for varying weather.
  • Pack shoes that will accomodate your various excursions and dress, i.e. walking, hiking, or formal night.
  • Pack a pair of good binoculars – we had a cheap pair and they were worthless.
  • Pack some playing cards or travel board games if that’s your lounge style.
  • Don’t forget a day pack for shore excursions.


view from our balcony l129 on discovery princess

Taking a cruise to Alaska is definitely something I’d recommend. Things to keep in mind is that bigger ships might not be able to port right at the pier and you’ll have to tender or shuttle ashore. Itineraries matter and you should carefully look at the ports of call as well as the amount of time in each port of call which choosing your line.

This was my first Princess Cruise and I loved the medallion “key” technology as well as the great WiFi at sea. The specialty dining experiences were better than the main dining and the 360 dining experience is something I’d recommend to all my friends. Princess cruise staff onboard were all kind and helpful, from the servers in the buffet to the room stewards.

The ship size was bigger than I expected and did come with some extra lines for getting off and on at cruise ports. While I didn’t love the layout, overall it was a gorgeous ship and I did enjoy all the different venues and lounge seating areas. There weren’t a lot of “active” areas onboard like a ropes course or waterslide, but that might have been what helped keep the family quotient lower and as a traveling couple, that was enjoyable.

I asked two different couples that mentioned they had sailed 10+ times with Princess why the loved it so much, and both gave me the same response: because they know what to expect. So, if consistency is something that appeals to you, it certainly seems like Princess might be a great line for you to cruise.

pin collage for princess alaska cruise review

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