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I’ve Caught The Travel Bug

My heart races. My face is holding one of those secret, behind-the-scenes smiles. My mind is contemplating and planning. My hands are itching to grab my iPad or laptop. What am I thinking about? Traveling! — Or more precisely trip planning and research. It’s true — I get an adrenaline rush and am overcome with joy when I start thinking about traveling. Do you know this feeling?

My name is Kim, and I have a hobby (obsession) of travel planning and research. I don’t really know where this interest came from. Growing up, my family didn’t really take trips. I remember going on some road trips for softball tournaments; I think the biggest excitement was a tournament trip to Nebraska. Oh, did I forget to mention I’m originally from Kansas? Beautiful country, but it doesn’t exactly scream travel mecca. My family worked hard, and it seems we just never really had the time or money to spend on vacations.

But I remember when the travel bug hit me. I attended my first year of college in Texas and would occasionally fly back home for visits. It was during these trips that I got the bug. Packing my bag, checking in at the airport, strolling on the plane like a real pro (I had flown rarely and was NOT a pro), talking about flight numbers and arrival times, discussions of ”how was the flight” with family at the arrival airport … I felt awesome.

I still feel awesome when I travel; although I’ve had to adapt from my single college days to include my husband and two daughters. I’ve also broadened my travel map and reached beyond the Midwest. I’ve been to England, Maui, Prince Edward Island, parts of Western Canada, Cancun, California (including multiple trips to Disneyland), Coeur d’Alene, cruised in the Caribbean and Alaska, and have taken various road trips. While I’m sure there are some people who have traveled further, longer, and more than me, I’m here to write about my passion and my experiences. I’m very excited about sharing my stories, thoughts, and ideas with you my readers in the hope that you’ll feel awesome about travel too!

Perhaps you’re like me and have been bitten by the travel bug. Or, maybe you can’t imagine anyone ever feeling a rush at the thought of traveling because what you experience is anxiety and dread at the thought of planning a trip. Whatever you feel, I hope you will you find my postings helpful and even inspiring as you stuff your suitcase for another trip. In addition to my blog, you may also follow me on Facebook or Twitter. Happy travels!

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