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First Day of School

Today marked the first day of the 2013/2014 school year for my girls. I now have a first grader and fourth grader! I had a great time doing a little photo shoot with the girls this morning. I found these great first day of school grade signs on Pinterest, and thankfully the clouds decided to hold onto the rain for this important day.First Day of School w Printable Grade Sign #backtoschool #grade #signsI recently quit my part-time job so I could do this whole blogging thing full-time. What’s ironic about quitting my job is that I’m finally alone at home during the day. This is the first time both girls have gone to school for the whole day, each day. So far it’s been great. However, I already find myself glancing at the clock and looking forward to meeting my girls at the bus stop. What will they have to say? What did they think of their teachers? Do they have any concerns? See, the thing about being a full-time blogger means I can also be a full-time mom (with the help of public school), and that’s a bonus in my book.

I’m broadening my blog posts a bit and giving you a little insight into my family life between the trips. I’m figuring (and hoping) that many of you might have something in common with me. I find myself being inspired by other bloggers and what they’re doing in their daily lives, so perhaps you’ll find some inspiration from my life too! I even made a fun little graphic to place on my “daily family life” posts.
Life Between Trips StuffedSuitcase.comI still plan to focus on developing lots of family travel advice, experience, and ideas. I just can’t be traveling every week, and want to be able to keep in touch with my readers when I’m not traveling. So I hope you have enjoyed the first “life between trips” post and will look forward to more!

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  1. Kiera @EasyTravelMom says

    Great idea! I’ve been struggling a little with what to do on my own blog as my daughter started preschool and somehow I seem busier in home life vs. travel life (although we’ve been to 2 different states in the last 4 weeks!). I hope you don’t mind but I may take from you and think about how to do this. I’ve already started writing about the stuff between trips and what we’ve been busy with, but didn’t have a way to “fit it in.” Anyway, thank you regardless! I think it’s more of a reality that most families are home and travel when they can :)

    • Kim says

      Thanks for stopping by Kiera — I’m happy that my rambling thoughts helped give you a little direction for your own works! :) I really love travel and blogging about travel, but also want to post more often. Good luck!

  2. Hazel says

    I love the idea of following more if your travel down time. Cute kids and looking forward to reading about challenges if motherhood between trips and any suggestions or travel requests your kids have including their travel logs.

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