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My Candid Aligners (Braces) Review [2021]

I’ve been told often that I have a great smile. :) But over the years (post-braces) I’ve noticed that my teeth have shifted a bit. As an adult, I have no interest in traditional braces, so I started looking at clear aligner options. And with my busy travel and home life schedule, I was interested in an online program that wouldn’t require in-person office visits. Let me walk through why I chose Candid aligners and my full review process.

Disclosure: After researching my options, I chose Candid Co and reached out to them to partner together. All thoughts and opinions are my own based on my experience. Affiliate links are included, I may earn a commission if you purchase from my link.

woman holding candid braces aligner starter kit in front of mirror
Ready to get started with Candid Co – first step is taking at home impressions. © Kim Tate

Why I Chose Candid Aligners

As I mentioned above, I knew I wanted to do an at-home clear aligner system but needed to decide which to choose. After researching, I decided that Candid would be a great option for me.

I know that Invisalign is a great clear aligner braces system, however, it is done through an orthodontic office with in-person appointments. With my travel schedule and adding in my kids’ schedules, I didn’t want to add another appointment responsibility to my calendar.

One of the big factors for me choosing Candid was the fact that they only use licensed orthodontists for their treatment plans. It seems pretty important to use an expert for your teeth straightening. Orthodontists go to school longer than dentists in order to learn how to safely adjust teeth.

Another factor that I liked is that Candid has you do an updated mouth scan every two weeks for oversight. I like that this will likely catch any possible issues that might arise. It’s done easily through their app with your phone.

There are two aspects of Candid treatment plans that I had to consider more. The first is that you have to wear the aligners for 22 hours a day, so basically whenever you’re not eating. Some other options have a nighttime-only plan, but then your treatment timeline is longer. Candid aligners are also slightly more expensive than some other options, however, the added oversight and quality materials of the aligners seem worth the added expense.

How Do You Get Started?

The first step is figuring out if you’re a candidate for a treatment plan with Candid. This can be done at home with an impressions kit, or you can make an appointment at one of their 30 studio locations. They often run specials with discounts on your aligners if you go to a studio or a discounted at-home impression kit. You can use my refer a friend link which will get you a free at-home impression kit.

I did the at-home impression kit and it arrived quickly in the mail. It contains the putty and mouth trays you’ll use to create your impressions. It also has some cheek retractors to help you get photos. You’ll need to install the Candid app and it walks you through exactly how to make your impressions.

candid co at home impressions kit
You’ll use the Candid app and your impressions kit to send and see if you’re eligible for Candid aligners. © Stuffed Suitcase

Once you take all the photos they ask for — conveniently explained and done through the app, you’ll make multiple impressions of your top and bottom teeth. The process for photos and impressions does take a bit of time, I think it took me about an hour.

You’ll have a return box that’s pre-labeled included in your at-home kit and that’s what you’ll send back to Candid with your mouth impressions.

Once Candid receives your impressions they are looked at by an orthodontist and you’re evaluated to see if you’re a fit for a program. If you’re a fit, they’ll tell you your treatment plan and you can sign up to move forward. You’ll get to see digital models showing what changes the treatment will make to your teeth.

digital model of candid co aligners process and outcome
My digital mapping of how I can expect my teeth to change over the course of my treatment. © Stuffed Suitcase

Step 1 of My Candid Aligners

After I submitted my photos and impressions and was approved for a treatment plan, my aligners were sent to me. My plan is set for 8 months and has 16 aligner steps I’ll follow. It took about a week for my aligners to be created and shipped.

My first step when I received my box of aligners was to use the Candid ScanBox to start my treatment. Using the app I was able to follow video instructions and that walked me through taking video scans of my teeth. Your treatment box contains a special phone mount that hooks to cheek retractors and helps you take scans.

candid co aligners braces review
My Candid aligners kit. © Stuffed Suitcase

I completed the required scans which only took about 15 minutes and they were submitted through the app. I started wearing my #1 aligner and received a confirmation to begin treatment about 30 minutes after submitting my scans.

So now I’m ready to start the process of straightening my teeth at home. My next step is to rescan in 2 weeks. I’ll keep you up to date on my progress! If you want to get started with Candid, you can get a free in-home impression kit.

stuffed suitcase kim tate black and white photo wearing candid aligners
Wearing my first aligner and ready to improve my smile! © Kim Tate

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