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Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary

Today marks the 75th anniversary of the opening of the Golden Gate bridge to vehicular traffic. It officially opened on May 27th, 1937 to pedestrian traffic. I had the opportunity to visit the bridge last October with my family while we were traveling from Seattle to Disneyland. We knew we didn't ... READ the POST

Tips for Buying Airfare

Yesterday my daughters were playing inside, and do you want to know what they were playing? Airplane! In our household that means they pack suitcases and get on a plane to go visit various family members or attractions. The airplane is typically an upside-down laundry basket or elaborate chair ... READ the POST

I’ve Caught The Travel Bug

My heart races. My face is holding one of those secret, behind-the-scenes smiles. My mind is contemplating and planning. My hands are itching to grab my iPad or laptop. What am I thinking about? Traveling! -- Or more precisely trip planning and research. It's true -- I get an adrenaline rush and am ... READ the POST

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